Zenith weapon skins

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Zenith weapons are a set of weapon skins obtained as achievement rewards. After being unlocked, a skin can be acquired as many times as desired from the achievements panel. Up to seven skins are known to be unlocked, so be careful in choosing which skins.


Hand Skin name Weapon
Main Hand
Skill.png Zenith Reaver Skin Axe
Skill.png Zenith Kris Skin Dagger
Skill.png Zenith Mace Skin Mace
Zenith Pistol Skin.png Zenith Pistol Skin Pistol
Skill.png Zenith Cesta Skin Scepter
Skill.png Zenith Blade Skin Sword
Off hand Skill.png Zenith Scroll Skin Focus
Skill.png Zenith Flame Skin Torch
Skill.png Zenith Ward Skin Shield
Skill.png Zenith Harbinger Skin Warhorn
Terrestrial Skill.png Zenith Avenger Skin Greatsword
Skill.png Zenith Thunder Skin Hammer
Skill.png Zenith Recurve Bow Skin Longbow
Skill.png Zenith Rifle Skin Rifle
Skill.png Zenith Short Bow Skin Shortbow
Skill.png Zenith Spire Skin Staff
Aquatic Skill.png Zenith Wake Skin Harpoon Gun
Skill.png Zenith Trident Skin Trident
Skill.png Zenith Impaler Skin Spear