A Pup's Illness

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A Pup's Illness

1325 AE
Wayfarer Foothills
(Горы Шиверпик)
Norn tango icon 20px.png norn

Shaman Gamli needs a plant called winter sage to help Valda, the stricken Wolf Havroun's apprentice, but the plant can only be found in the dangerous grawl caves of Grawlenfjord.

— In-game description

A Pup's Illness is part of the personal story for norn characters who have completed the tutorial The Great Hunt and have the important quality of Instinct.


A Pup's Illness (level 3)

Gain renown by performing tasks for the people of the Wayfarer Hills.

  • Speak to Scout Agnarr.
  • Aid people in Wayfarer Hills: x/1.
  • Check your mail.

Wolf Shaman Gamli needs my assistance.

  • Speak to Shaman Gamli at the Wolf Shrine.

Harvest winter sage from the grawl caves.

  • Retrieve the Winter Sage.

Bring the winter sage to Valda in Hoelbrak.

  • Bring the winter sage to Valda in Hoelbrak.

Зависит от профессии


Scout Agnarr is your first objective and will introduce you to the heart system. Speak to him and then proceed to help the norn in the area to fill a heart. Once you fill a heart, check the mail interface for your new message from Shaman Gamli. Head to the Wolf Shrine, where Gamli asks you to retrieve winter sage from the grawl caves of Grawlenfjord.

Head to the grawl caves and enter the story instance. You must fight your way alone through a number of grawl before coming to an ice elemental guarding the winter sage. Slay the elemental and pick up the winter sage, at which point you can now leave the instance. Bring the winter sage to The Great Lodge in Hoelbrak to complete this part of your story.




In your mail after filling a heart:

Wolf Calls, Will You Answer?

Greetings, Slayer of Issomir. I went to Eir Stegalkin for assistance, and she strongly recommended I contact you. It's a matter of extreme importance that I would prefer to discuss in person. Please visit me at the Wolf Shrine as soon as you can. May Wolf bless you and guide your steps until then.

— Shaman Gamli

At Wolf Shaman Gamli:

Shaman Gamli: Ya hey there, Slayer! Thank you for coming to help - I've got a serious problem. Wolf teaches us to pull together, to work as a pack. In his name, I ask for your help.
<Player name>: I'm always willing to help, Gamli. Of course I will honor Wolf's teachings. Tell me your problem.
Shaman Gamli: It concerns the warrior-shamans known as havrouns. Valda, the Wolf havroun's apprentice, was found in a death-like sleep in the woods.
Shaman Gamli: Nothing I do seems to help. There's one treatment I have yet to try, but it requires a special flower known as winter sage.
<Player name>: And this winter sage can revive Valda?
Shaman Gamli: I hope so. Unfortunately, it can only be found deep in the grawl caves to the east. And it's extremely fragile.
Shaman Gamli: It will be difficult to get past the grawl and return with the flower intact. If you can, bring it to me in the Great Lodge of Hoelbrak. I'll be there, at Valda's side.
<Player name>: I will obtain this precious flower, grawl or no grawl. In Wolf's name, I swear it!

Upon inspecting the Winter Sage:

Winter Sage: Except for its reported restorative properties and the fact that it thrives in these dark, damp conditions, the winter sage seems like an unremarkable plant.
Talk quest option tango.png
Pluck a blossom.

After bringing the winter sage to Gamli:

<Player name>: Here's the winter sage, Gamli. Hello, Eir. Did the shaman summon you to help as well?
Shaman Gamli: She says she came by to observe you, but Wolf wishes her to be here. Valda's been slipping in and out of consciousness and raving about the spirit world.
Shaman Gamli: The sage should calm her down. She keeps saying the same thing over and over: invaders in the Mists.
Eir: Can her ravings have any meaning? Only shamans and havrouns can freely travel there.
<Player name>: Then we need another havroun to help us. We must see what's happening in the Mists for ourselves.
Eir: Snow Leopard's havroun, Svena, is friends with me, as well as Valda and Master Solvi. Meet me at her shrine and we'll ask her for help.

My story[править]

A Pup's Illness

I gave the bards something new to sing about by helping the people of Wayfarer Hills. I also received a message from Wolf Shaman Gamli, seeking my help. I'm on my way to see him now. Soon everybody will know my name!

Wolf Shaman Gamli needs me to help with the stricken Wolf Havroun's apprentice, Valda. She's stuck in a deep, restless sleep and cannot be roused. Gamli asked me to acquire a medicinal plant called winter sage that he can use to wake Valda up so we can find out what happened to her and her master.

I retrieved the Winter Sage from the grawl caves and taught the grawl a lesson about getting in my way when I'm on a mission of mercy. Wolf Shaman Gamli is waiting in Hoelbrak so he can use it to help the stricken Wolf Havroun's apprentice, Valda.

The winter sage revived Valda, but she kept ranting incoherently about "invaders" in the Mists. Eir Stegalkin and I are going to consult with Svena, the Snow Leopard Havroun, to find out more.

My story