A Weapon of Legend

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Beigarth the Smith needs Deldrimor steel for his current project. He believes there are scraps of it in a local cave infested by jotun. As of yet, no one he sent to retrieve the scraps has returned.

— In-game description

A Weapon of Legend is part of the personal story after completing the tutorial for norn characters who have chosen their important quality of a great hero as Defeat our Ancient Foes. It centers around finding the needed pieces so Beigarth the Smith can create a legendary weapon, which he thinks can shatter the dragon tooth. The character might be able to use it.


A Weapon of Legend (level 3)

Gain further renown by performing tasks for the people of the Wayfarer Hills.

The blacksmith Beigarth wishes to speak with me. I can find him in Hoelbrak.

  • Speak to Beigarth the Smith in Hoelbrak.

Travel to the jotun caves.

  • Travel to the jotun caves.
  • Search for Deldrimor steel.
  • Recover the Deldrimor steel
  • Investigate the altar.

Return to Beigarth with the Deldrimor steel.

  • Return to Beigarth the Smith in Hoelbrak

Tell Eir that the jotun are worshipping Jormag.


Зависит от профессии


Scout Agnarr is your first objective and will introduce you to the heart system. Speak to him and then proceed to help the norn in the area to fill a heart. Once a heart has been filled, check the mail interface for your new message.

You will have to meet Beigarth the Smith in the Great Lodge in Hoelbrak. He is located directly beside Jormag's fang. He will ask you to find Deldrimor steel in the Grawlenfjord area, which is located in the eastern part of Wayfarer Foothills.

Head east from Hoelbrak to enter the quest instance. Once inside, several groups of jotun guard the area before the cave, along with a patrolling group that can be avoided. Lundvarr the Intrepid is a norn prisoner near the cave entrance - approaching him will cause two jotun to attack. Once inside, kill the two groups of jotun then investigate the altar and pick up the Deldrimor steel.

Return to Beigarth in Hoelbrak, and he will send you to speak with Eir. Speak with her and choose your reward to complete the quest.





At Beigarth the Smith:

<Player name>: Beigarth the Smith! What would you have of this season's finest slayer?
Beigarth: You're mighty confident for one so young. I like that. Reminds me of me when I won the Great Hunt ... but that was a long time ago.
Beigarth: I chose smithing over hunting, and I never regretted it. Now it's time to forge my masterpiece, a mighty weapon to break Jormag's tooth!
<Player name>: Nothing has so much as scratched the tooth in over a hundred years. What makes you thing you could craft such a thing?
Beigarth: Deldrimor steel. If I can get my hands on enough of it, I could make a weapon to shatter mountains!
Beigarth: The secret of the alloy was lost with the dwarves, but I can smelt existing relics into the steel I need. Such artifacts have surfaced in a jotun cave near Grawlenfjord.
Beigarth: That's why I sent for you. If you can beat back the jotun and collect the artifacts I need to forge the weapon, your might be worthy of bearing it. Interested?
<Player name>: Interested? Ha! I'm determined! Ready your forge for dwarven metal, smithy!

After retrieving the Deldrimor steel:

<Player name>: I brought you dwarven steel, blacksmith. I also saw the bodies of the other hunters you sent. Those jotun are worshipping the ice dragon.
Beigarth: Bear's breath! I didn't know that! I'll take the steel off you hands, but I can't do anything about the jotun. Though I do know someone that can...
Beigarth: Do you know Eir Stegalkin? Tall, beautiful, travels with a huge black wolf? She killed one of the ice dragon's strongest lieutenants.
<Player name>: Of course. She fought beside me against Issormir, and I've heard songs of her epic deeds at several moots.
Beigarth: She could help us. And, not to be a gossip or anything, I hear she's taking quite an interest in you since the Great Hunt.
<Player name>: In me? Why?
Beigarth: To tell the truth, I'm not sure. Perhaps you impressed her. In any case, ask her about these jotun, and I'm sure she'll lend a hand.

When approaching Eir for the first time (no cinematic:)

Eir Stegalkin: Hold still, Garm. You know I can't carve your image properly when you're wiggling.
Eir Stegalkin: Ah, this stone isn't right! It'll never... What's that, Garm? Someone's coming?
Eir Stegalkin: Very well. We'll leave this alone for now. Perhaps the next stone will be better.

Speaking to Eir:

Eir Stegalkin: It's good to see you again, Slayer. You look troubled. What's wrong?
<Player name>: I've been to the jotun caves near Grawlenfjord. They're worshipping the Elder Dragon Jormag.
Eir Stegalkin: Jotun are fanatical about their old ways. They wouldn't worship Jormag. Unless... what do you know about the Sons of Svanir?
<Player name>: I know they're the idiots who embrace the ice dragon as a Spirit of the Wild.
Eir Stegalkin: From what you saw, so do these jotun. There has to be a connection. There are Sons of Svanir near Hirbadd's Camp. They might be involved.
Eir Stegalkin: This is definitely worth a Slayer's attention. If you're willing, Garm and I will meet you there. Let's see if we can persuade the Sons to tell us what's going on.
<Player name>: That sounds perfect. Eir Stegalkin, side-by-side with the Slayer of Issormir. The Skaalds will sing of this for generations!
Eir Stegalkin: Careful... skaalds also sing of noble hunters dying grisly deaths. But with Wolf's help, we'll give them something better. See you there.

Моя история[править]

A Weapon of Legend.jpg

Я дал бардам новый повод для песен, помогая людям Холмов Дальнего Пути. Я также получил послание от Бейгарта Кузнеца, нуждавшегося в моей помощи. Я следую своему пути. Скоро все узнают мое имя.

Бейгард Кузнец задумал новое дело и ищет моей помощи. Он клянется, что его новый клинок способен рассекать горы, но для него требуется особый металл, который можно найти только в пещерах кишащих йотунами вблизи Хоэльбрака. Это мой шанс испытать свою силу и заслужить благосклонность Бейгарта.

Я взял верх над йотунами в пещерах. После того, как они убрались с моего пути, найти сталь для Бейгарта было проще простого. Но меня беспокоит святилище Йормага, которое я обнаружил здесь. Йотуны, кажется, поклонялись ему. Бейгарт захочет узнать больше.

Я получил сталь, которая нужна Бейгарту для ковки клинка. Но я видел йотунов в пещерах, поклонявшихся алтарю ледяного дракона Йормага. Я собираюсь рассказать Эйр Стегалкин об этом. Никто не имеет больше опыта, чем она, в борьбе против осквернения Йормага.

Я рассказал Эйр о йотунах, поклоняющихся Йормагу. Как я и думал, она пожелала увидеть это немедленно. Сыны Сванира постоянно пытаются распространить влияние Йормага, так что мы с Эйр отправились в их лагерь чтобы получить ответы.

Моя история