Chain of Command

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Chain of Command

1325 AE
Hero's Canton
Tela Range
(Равнины Эшфорда)
Charr tango icon 20px.png charr

Победа над герцогом Баррадином стоила жизни многим солдатам, особенно в вашем отряде. Ваш легионер, Урван Стилбейн, велел вам доложиться ему. Стилбейн всегда недолюбливал вас, так что он, скорее всего попытается сделать из вас козла отпущения за эти жертвы.

— In-game description (first part)

Легионер Стилбейн был в ярости после Смокстеда. Он решил сделать вас крайним. Он приказал избить вас и дал вам унизительно е задание, достойное не солдата, но детеныша. Если вам не удастся доказать свою ценность, вы можете никогда не вернуть себе свое хорошее имя.

— In-game description (second part)

Chain of Command (Субординация), это глава личной истории персонажей чарр из Кровавого легиона, которые завершили обучающую главу Fury of the Dead (Ярость мертвых). Она следует перед главой Time for a Promotion (Время для поощрения).


Chain of Command (уровень 3)

Help the legions around the Black Citadel recover from the ghost attack. (Помоги легионам вокруг Черной Цитадели оправиться после атаки призраков)

  • Talk to Scout Fursta Farhunter. (Поговорите со скаутом Фурстой Фархантер (Дальний охотник))
  • Soldiers of Ashford helped: x/1 (Помогите солдатам Эшфорда)
  • Check your mail. (Проверьте почту)

Report to Legionnaire Steelbane at your barracks. (Доложитесь легионеру Стилбейну в вашей казарме)

  • Meet your warband at your barracks. (Встретьтесь со своим отрядом в казарме)
  • Report to Steelbane at the barracks. (Доложитесь Стилбейну в казарме)
  • Defeat Steelbane's soldiers. (Победите солдат Стилбейна)

Steelbane assigned you to demeaning cub duty. (Стилбейн назначил вам унизительную отработку, достойную детеныша)

  • Retrieve the supplies. (Верните припасы)
  • Defeat the Flame Legion and the traitors. (Победите Огненный легион и предателей)
  • Talk to Elexus Shredskin (Поговорите с Элексус Шредскин (Клочковатая кожа))


Зависит от профессии


Scout Fursta Farhunter is your first objective and will introduce you to the heart system. Speak to her and then proceed to assist allied charr in the area to fill a heart. Once a heart has been filled, check the mail interface for your new message and then go back to the Hero's Canton—your home instance—in the Black Citadel.

Report to Legionnaire Steelbane; be ready for a fight. This will possibly be your first encounter with the downed state, which is normally entered when your health is depleted. Your sparring partner will quickly revive you and you should deal with the hostile charr as required. After the dialogue, travel to Tela Range in the northwestern part of Plains of Ashford. When ready, enter the instanced version of the area to do battle alongside your sparring partner and Elexus Shredskin in fighting off both Blood Legion turncoats and Flame Legion soldiers. Once finished, talking to Elexus will complete the mission.




  • Charr
    • 3 Cerosi Breaksteel
    • 3 Rage Steeltongue
    • 3 Blood Legion Soldier
    • 3 Blood Legion Turncoat
    • 3 Flame Legion Stalker
    • 3 Flame Legion Bladestorm


Upon entering the Hero's Canton:

Cerosi Breaksteel: Well, look who finally came back. When Steelbane gets done with you, you'll wish you died with the rest of your warband.
<Player name>: As if I cared what you think. Who are you, and why are you breathing at me?
Cerosi Breaksteel: Cerosi Breaksteel. Steelbane recruited me along with the others to rebuild the warband.
<Player name>: Wait, what? He's recruiting without asking us?
Cerosi Breaksteel: Yeah, because you're dead, remember? And probably better off that way. Report to Steelbane in the barracks, quick, or you'll be in for a beating.

When talking to Legionnaire Urvan Steelbane:

Rage Steeltongue: Legionnaire! Looks like some sewage just floated in from the battlefield.
Legionnaire Urvan Steelbane: You? You get my best soldiers killed, and then have the nerve to stand there, stinking up our barracks with your cowardly musk?
<Player name>: I got them killed? Tell me something, boss. Who's in charge of this outfit? Who was giving the orders? You.
Legionnaire Urvan Steelbane: Watch your tongue, soldier, or I'll have it removed for insubordination. Rage, teach this piece of waste how to address a legionnaire.
Rage Steeltongue: With pleasure.

After the fight with Steelbane's soldiers:

Legionnaire Urvan Steelbane: Stand down! All of you, stand down—now!
Legionnaire Urvan Steelbane: So, you fight your own warband better than you fight the enemy? Go on, get out of my sight while I figure out what to do with you.
Legionnaire Urvan Steelbane: There's a load of supplies over at Tela Range. Bring them to me, double-time…it's the only job you're fit for. Screw this up, and I'll use your hide as a doormat. Understood?
<Player name>: Understood…boss.

At the supplies in Tela Range:

Flame Legion Recruiter: The rest of your warband defected voluntarily. Don't be stubborn.
Flame Legion Recruiter: Why fight for Blood when you can cook for Flame Legion? Females have it easy with us.
Elexus Shredskin: You want me to desert and join you so you can demote me to fry cook? Please. I've killed a hundred males twice your size.
Flame Legion Recruiter: Fall in line or fall on a blade. I don't care which.
<Player name>: No luck trolling for recruits on a pig farm? You Flame Legion stiffs must be desperate. I came here for supplies, but this is a lot more fun.
Flame Legion Recruiter: If it's fun you want…recruits! Let's send Blood Legion a message. Bury these idiots, and destroy those supplies while you're at it!

After the battle, by talking to Elexus Shredskin:

Elexus Shredskin: My whole warband deserted for the promise of power. Never thought I'd see something like that.
Elexus Shredskin: I have nothing left but my life. If you'll have me in your ranks, it's yours.
<Player name>: We need soldiers, and you can clearly handle yourself in a scrap. Welcome to the warband.
<Player name>: Just be warned—my legionnaire is going to drown us for losing those supplies. I hope you can swim.
Elexus Shredskin: Don't worry. I can hold my breath for a long time. I'll take punishment over death…or being a gladium. Lead on.

My story[править]

Chain of Command.jpg

I spoke with Scout Fursta Farhunter and helped the Legions' soldiers in Ashford.

I returned to the barracks. Legionnaire Steelbane blamed me for the casualties we'd suffered in Smokestead, and ordered his new recruits to rough me up. I won the fight, but now I'm on supply runs and other cub duty until further notice.

I went to Tela Range to collect supplies for Steelbane and found Flame recruiters bullying a fellow Blood Legion soldier. I helped her fight them off, but the supplies were destroyed in the process. Now I have to report back to Steelbane empty-handed.

Моя история