The Floating Grizwhirl

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Missed Opportunity

The Floating Grizwhirl

1325 AE
Shadows of the Past
Eastern Commons
(Divinity's Reach)
Royal Palace
Human tango icon 20px.png Human
Missed Opportunity
Biography Nobility.png The Trial of Julius Zamon
The Commander
Biography Street Rat.png Breaking the Blade
Clown College

The Floating Grizwhirl (Плавающий Серый Вихрь) - это глава личной истории персонажей людей, которые выбрали опцию Missed Opportunity во время формирования биографии.


Floating Grizwhirl (уровень 20)

Check in with Captain Logan (Встретьтесь с капитаном Логаном.)

  • Speak with Logan Thackeray and Minister Caudecus in Divinity's Reach. (Поговорите с Логаном Теккереем и министром Кадекусом в Дивинити Рич.)

Visit the circus and look for the missing boy (Посетите цирк и поищите пропавшего мальчика.)

  • Visit the Divinity's Reach circus (Посетите цирк в Дивинити Рич.)
  • Speak with your friend in the audience (Поговорите со своим другом в аудитории.)
  • Watch the performances (Следите за выступлениями.)
  • Slay the Pernicious Viper (Убейте Пагубную Гадюку.)
  • Check in with your friend again (Снова поговорите с другом.)
  • Speak with Madame Gilda in her tent (Поговорите с мадам Джильдой в ее палатке.)
  • Speak with the Fabulous Chakravarti (Поговорите с Невероятным Чакраварти)
  • Speak with Boris the Beast (Поговорите с Борисом Чудовищем)
  • Investigate the stables (Обследуйте конюшни)
  • Defeat the carnies ()

I should report back to Logan. (Я должен доложить Логану)

  • Report to Logan at his office (Доложите Логану в его рабочем кабинете)


  • 2 003 
Зависит от профессии


You will arrive at the carnival to find some familiar faces in the crowd - Lord Faren, Riot Alice, Andrew, and Petra. Talk to your friend in the audience to start the show. The first performance is a feat of strength, while the second is "fortune telling" that changes based on who your friend is. During the third performance, you will need to defeat the Pernicious Viper, but it is basically a critter and poses no threat at all. Afterwards, the show ends, and you will be tasked with asking the carnies about the missing child.

Eventually you will end up in the stables, where you will be ambushed by two Forest Spiders while searching the equipment. The lone crate sitting away from everything else contains the Grizwhirls, and inspecting it will advance the story, triggering more enemies - it is a good idea to defeat the spiders before doing this. After a short cutscene, you will fight against three carnies. All three of them are shield-carrying Warriors, and they have a tendency to use Shield Bash repeatedly, chaining Dazed and rendering you helpless. A good tactic to help avoid this is to run outside the stables and fight them in the carnival grounds, where you will at least have some room to maneuver.





  • Pernicious Viper


Cinematic triggered when approaching Logan at Seraph Headquarters:

Logan Thackeray: You're just in time. Minister Caudecus was just telling me that a child has gone missing.
Minister Caudecus: As part of my community outreach program, Ministry officials treated a group of orphans to a day at the carnival. One of the boys wandered off, and now we can't find him. Poor little guy.
Minister Caudecus: It is paramount that we find this young boy swiftly. These children have already known such pain, given the loss of their home at the orphanage… tragic.
<Character name>: I can help search for him, Minister.
Minister Caudecus: Good. I leave this in your hands then. Since Captain Thackeray has such faith in you, so do I.
Logan Thackeray: The boy's name is Garand. He's ten years old and wearing a red shirt. I've got Seraph out searching too. I've never seen Caudecus so worried—must be concern for his political career.
<Character name>: I hope the boy's all right. I'll start by asking around at the carnival. Maybe someone saw him.
Logan Thackeray: The circus has a performance every afternoon. If you head down there and talk to the entertainers, you might find someone who can tell us more.

At Seraph Headquarters after the cinematic sequence:

Minister Caudecus: A missing child reflects badly on the ministry, the Seraph, and the queen. It's in everyone's interests to find Garand quickly. Please see to it.
You're interested in a child's welfare? What's the real story here, Legate Minister?
Minister Caudecus: Your insinuations are ridiculous. Just find the child. It's what you people do, isn't it?
Talk end option tango.png
We catch bad guys. And that's exactly what I plan to do. Good day.
I will sir. May I say - it's good to see a member of the ministry taking an active hand in the people's welfare.
Minister Caudecus: You aren't paying enough attention, young friend. The ministry takes an active hand in many parts of the city.
Talk end option tango.png
Of course it does, Minister. Of course it does.
Talk more option tango.png
I'll do everything I can, sir. I want the boy safe home, too.
Minister Caudecus: Of course you do. Good. Then I can trust you to handle this with speed and discretion.
Talk end option tango.png
Count on it, sir.
Talk end option tango.png
Of course, minister. I'm on my way.
Logan Thackeray:You should head over to the carnival. That's the last place anyone saw Garand. If we're going to find him, we'll have to start there.
Talk end option tango.png
Understood. I'm on my way.

At the carnival upon approaching your friend:

If you chose the commoner personal story:
Petra: Father, if you get tired at all, you must tell me. You're still healing.
Innkeeper Andrew: Oh, Petra, you worry too much. I'm fine.
Petra: Yes, Father. Let me know if you need anything.

Upon talking to your friend:

Petra: Oh, <Character Name>! Father's feeling much better today. I thought we'd come see the show, to raise his spirits. What are you doing here?
Talk more option tango.png
I'm here on official business. Logan asked me to—
Petra: Oh, look! It's starting. It's so exciting. I can hardly wait!
Talk more option tango.png
Enjoy yourself. I'll catch up with you after the show.

At the carnival upon approaching your friend:

If you chose the Street Rat personal story:
Circus Devotee: Isn't the circus glorious? So bright and exciting, so different than the streets.
Riot Alice: Bah. The circus is a Ministry plot to lull citizens into complacency. It's a big conspiracy!
Circus Devotee: Whatever you say, Alice. At least the popcorn is good.

Upon talking to your friend:

Riot Alice: Hey, hey! It's <Character Name>! Can you believe this nonsense? The government's giving us bread and circuses, when they should be giving us freedom and truth!
Why would the government do that? The circus is one of the few bright spots in the city. It gives people a little bit of joy.
Riot Alice: Oh yeah? Well...the caramel apples are terrible. I think they secretly use deformed pears.
Talk end option tango.png
I'll be sure to alert the Seraph. The carnival won't get away with such a devious ruse. Promise.
Talk more option tango.png
They underestimate the intelligence of the common citizens. Believe in your fellow Krytans.
Riot Alice: Oh, I believe in them. I believe them right off a cli- hey, look, the Ringmaster! I think the show's about to start!
Talk end option tango.png
Enjoy the performances.
Talk end option tango.png
Well, you might as well enjoy the show. See you.

The carnival show:

Ringmaster: ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to the Carnivale Gambade!
Ringmaster: I'm afraid our clown couldn't make it—he was feeling kind of funny.
Ringmaster: Instead, I have hand-selected three of our most impressive performers to entertain you!
Ringmaster: Stand back, and prepare to be amazed!

Boris's performance:

Boris the Beast: I am Borris the Beast, the strongest man in Tyria! I can break anything!
Boris the Beast: I…I need volunteer! Any of you sturdy-looking men in audience cane to come up here?
Citizen: Me, me! Watch this, sweetie. That guy's a pushover compared to me.
Boris the Beast: You, there! Mister I'm-So-Humble. Come up on the stage.
Boris the Beast: This rock comes from a Deldrimor quarry. Only the finest dwarven tools can even chip this hardy stone!
Boris the Beast: Go ahead, sir. Take this hammer and give it a whack.
Citizen: Wow! That;s the real thing, all right.
Boris the Beast: Not even a mark! Better get some exercise, sonny-boy.
Boris the Beast: Now, witness an incomparable feat of strength!

Madame Gilda's performance:

If you chose the commoner personal story:
Madame Gilda: With my sixth sense, I shall look into the future! Trust Madame Gilda, my poppets!
Madame Gilda: Wait…I'm sensing something. A very powerful energy, coming from someone in the audience.
Madame Gilda: I sense someone with a gentle spirit, but a fierce temper. A name that starts with…P?
Innkeeper Andrew: Hey, that sounds like you, Petra!
Petra: Me? Oh my goodness. Maybe she sees a handsome man in my future…
Madame Gilda: Petra, is it? I forsee that you will inspire others through dark times. Good luck to you, my dear.
Madame Gilda: My sixth sense grows weary, and I must rest. Thank you all!
Madame Gilda: If you wish to know your fortune, come by my tent later and cross my palm with coin!

Madame Gilda's performance:

If you chose the Street Rat personal story:
Madame Gilda: With my sixth sense, I shall look into the future! Trust Madame Gilda, my poppets!
Madame Gilda: Wait...I'm sensing something. A very powerful energy, coming from someone in the audience.
Madame Gilda: I see a dark chasm and ink-covered pages scattered within...I see the tides of revolution...
Circus Devotee: Alice, those are your father's plays. She's talking about you!
Madame Gilda: You say your name is Alice? How strange. I see a different name...
Riot Alice: This is a bunch of bunk, I tell you. Fortune-telling is a sham!
Madame Gilda: My sixth sense grows weary, and I must rest. Thank you all!
Madame Gilda: If you wish to know your fortune, come by my tent later and cross my palm with coin!

The Fabulous Chakravarti's performance:

The Fabulous Chakravarti: Keep your distance, please! The Pernicious Viper is one of the deadliest species in Tyria!
The Fabulous Chakravarti: It's ten times more venomous than a cave spider! Twenty times more aggressive than… hey, Wriggly! Get back here!
The Fabulous Chakravarti: Hey, that's not supposed to happen. Oh no, Wriggly's gone rogue!
The Fabulous Chakravarti: Help! Someone, help! He'll kill us all!
The Fabulous Chakravarti: Thank you, thank you! I mean, uh…all part of the act, folks!
The Fabulous Chakravarti: Just one of Madam Gilda's illusions! Yes, just an… illusion. Whew.
The Fabulous Chakravarti: Poor Wriggly.

The end of the show:

Ringmaster: That's all, folks! Thank you for visiting the Carnivale Gambade!
Ringmaster: Be sure to purchase our newest souvenir, the Floating Grizwhirl! A toy to amaze your friends and baffle your enemies!
Ringmaster: Until next we meet, my beloved audience— Farewell!

Upon talking to your friend after the show:

If you chose the commoner personal story:
Petra: Dwayna's starry sky! What was with that snake? If I hadn't been protecting my father, I'd have grabbed a board and jumped in there with you.
Talk more option tango.png
I'm glad you're both all right, Petra. I'm looking for a little boy named Garand. He's gone missing. Have you seen anything odd?
Petra: Missing? That's bad. I haven't seen anything. Maybe one of the circus people saw him?
Talk more option tango.png
Good idea. Thanks, I'll ask one of the performers.
Petra: I should get Father home. Come see us soon. We miss you.
Talk end option tango.png
Take good care of yourself.

Upon talking to your friend after the show:

If you chose the Street Rat personal story:
Riot Alice: You should have let the snake go. It was only struggling against its tyrannical oppressors, just like the rest of us.
Talk more option tango.png
I'm sure that defending the proletariat was its goal. Hey, have you seen a little boy in a red shirt?
Riot Alice: Lots of kids. None of them alone, though. Who are you looking for? Is it a spy hiding in a magical golemic kid-disguise?
Talk more option tango.png
It's just a lost child. I'll ask the performers. Maybe they've seen something. Thanks.
Riot Alice: I've got to go. I heard there's a sylvari cult in the city, trying to turn the plants against us. Watch out for the trees!
Talk end option tango.png
I'll keep that in mind. Thanks, Alice.

Cinematic with Madame Gilda:

Madame Gilda: Gods blessings! Your aura reveals much about you. Tell Madame Gilda what it is you are seeking.
<Character name>: I'm looking for a lost boy who may have come this way. He's about ten, wearing a red shirt. Have you seen any unattended children?
Madame Gilda: I have not. But boys love snakes and snails and scaly drake tails. I'd talk to the snake charmer if I were you.
<Character name>: Thank you. I'll do that.
Madame Gilda: Hmmm. I see it. I see that you WILL find the child. You will, however, also uncover startling secrets. Beware the grizwhirl.

Talking to Madame Gilda after the cinematic sequence:

Madame Gilda: Greetings <character name>. Indeed, I have foreseen that you would speak with me - and here you are.
Talk more option tango.png
Can you tell my future?
Madame Gilda: Of course I can! You have but to ask. Consider your question carefully, young <character name>.
Will I become a great hero, like Logan Thackery and Destiny's Edge?
Madame Gilda: I see great deeds in your future, but you will suffer a great loss before your tale ends. Keep your courage close.
Tell me, will we survive the dragons? How do I keep Kryta safe?
Madame Gilda: If you are truly to keep the city safe, <character name>, I foresee that you will have to place it in danger. Good luck!
I want the city of Divinity's Reach to cheer my name. Is that possible?
Madame Gilda: Oh yes <character name>. I foresee them calling your name ... but in victory or lamentation? I cannot say.
Talk end option tango.png
You don't actually foresee a profit in fortunetelling, do you?

Cinematic with The Fabulous Chakravarti:

<Character name>: Pardon me. I'm looking for a boy in a red shirt. He strayed from his group and hasn't returned. I'm hoping he came this way.
The Fabulous Chakravarti: I saw a boy. He asked if I'd ever net a snake I couldn't tame. I told him snakes just need love, like everybody else.
<Character name>: Interesting, but did you see where the kid went?
The Fabulous Chakravarti: Yeah. He called me a weirdo and went to gawk at Boris the Strong Man.

Talking to Chakravarti before or after the cinematic sequence:

The Fabulous Chakravarti: I'm sorry but my snakes require my total - ow! - concentration. Hm. Does this look infected to you?
Talk more option tango.png
'Uh...I'll leave you to it, then.
(conversation ends)

Cinematic with Boris the Beast:

Boris the Beast: Hey, skinny! Come, test your strength against Boris. Boris is daring you!
<Character name>: No time for that. I'm looking for a boy in a red shirt. I'm told he came this way. Have you seen him?
Boris the Beast: Yes! Boris HAS seen boy. He asked how to build bigger muscles. Boris told him he must work hard. He said he'd rather have a grizwhirl and went to the stables.
<Character name>: Grizwhirl? That's the second time I've heard that word. What is it?
Boris the Beast: Boris does not know. Boris suspects, but Boris does not speak until he is certain. Go to the stables. You will see for yourself.

Talking to Boris before or after the cinematic sequence:

Boris the Beast: I can lift three times your weight. Four! Maybe even five, if we're not counting the armor.
Talk more option tango.png
Have you worked for the carnival very long?
Boris the Beast: Long? No. I used to be a mine-driller in Ebonhawke. But that got ... boring. Get it? Ha!
Talk end option tango.png
You're a real riot. I'll be on my way now.
Talk end option tango.png
I'm sure you can. Excuse me.

Cinematic inside the stable:

Hypnotized Carnival Performer: Grizwhirl… grizwhirl… grizwhirl…
<Character name>: Excuse me. I'm looking for a lost child—a little boy around ten years old in a red shirt. His name's Garand.
Hypnotized Carnival Performer: No entry… employees only… unauthorized access… kill the intruder…
<Character name>: What? Look, Slack-jaw, I don't want any trouble. Stay away from me.
Hypnotized Carnival Performer: Kill the intruder! Hey, rube! Hey, rube!

Cinematic upon talking to Logan:

<Character name>: There's something rotten at that carnival. I couldn't find the boy, but I believe the workers know something. I was ambushed by a pack of glassy-eyed carnies.
Logan Thackeray: Hm. Carnies don't trust outsiders. Maybe you should go undercover. There's a carnival training camp near Beetletun. If you can get hired, they'll be more likely to talk freely to you.
<Character name>: Join the carnival? You have no idea how long I've been waiting to hear that. I'm in.
Logan Thackeray: I'll be just outside the carny camp with a squad of Seraph. Signal when you learn something—or if you need help.

My Story[править]

Файл:The Floating Grizwhirl.jpg

When I returned to Captain Thackeray's office, he had a favor to ask. Children from the orphanage were given a free day at the carnival. At the end of the day, one was missing. Thackeray wants me to help the Seraph find the child.

While looking for the boy, I was attacked by carnies. Although I didn't find Garand, there's something suspicious about those multi-colored tents. I should tell Logan.

I reported in to Logan, and he believes the only way to find the boy is to infiltrate the carnies. In order to do so, I'll need to head to their training grounds near Beetletun.

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