The Perils of Friendship

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The Perils of Friendship

1325 AE
Shaemoor Fields
Human tango icon 20px.png human


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Quinn is your oldest friend. While he doesn't always make the best decisions, he's loyal. You've survived many scrapes and adventures together. He's probably hanging out in the old neighborhood, trying to charm a lady or talk some coins out of a passerby.

— In-game description

The Perils of Friendship is part of the personal story for human characters of the street rat origin who have completed the tutorial Defending Shaemoor.


The Perils of Friendship (level 3)

Explore the countryside.

Find out what trouble Quinn has gotten himself into lately.

  • Meet Quinn in Divinity's Reach.
  • Go to the Widowmakers' hideout.
  • Intimidate Widowmaker thugs.
  • Enter the Widowmakers's hideout.
  • Rescue Riot Alice.
  • Return to Two-Blade Pete.
  • Talk to Logan Thackeray at the tavern.

Зависит от профессии


Watchman Rebec is your first objective and will introduce you to the heart system. Speak to him and then proceed to assist the villagers in the area to fill a heart. Once a heart has been filled, check the mail interface for your new message and then go back to the Salma District—your home instance—in Divinity's Reach. Follow the map marker to find Quinn. After a conversation follow the map marker to the Widowmaker's hideout where you find out you need a password. A new map marker will lead you to a group of Widowmaker Thugs under a bridge. They will become hostile as you approach them. After defeating them they will give you the password that will get you into the hideout. Fight your way upstairs to rescue Riot Alice. Lead her back to Two-Blade Pete. After the conversation a Seraph soldier will tell you Logan Thackeray wants to see you at the tavern. When the conversation is over the mission will end and you will get your reward.





Meeting up with Quinn

Quinn: Hey, there you are. It's great to see you back on your feet. C'mon. Let's go for a drink. I'm buying.
<Player Name>: You're buying? This must be a special occasion. Oh, and thanks for coming to see me when I was injured.
Quinn: Hey, that's what friends are for. Besides, did you see that Priestess of Dwayna? Cute!
Two-Blade Pete: Quinn? There you are. I'm gonna gut you right here and now.
Quinn: Wait, wait! What are you so mad about? I didn't do anything.
Two-Blade Pete: That's the point. You were Supposed to back up Riot Alice. But you didn't DO anything, and the Widowmakers took her.
<Player Name>: Hello, Pete. It's been a while. What's the problem here?
Two-Blade Pete: So, you're back. Just in time to protect your idiot friend again. Problem is: Quinn got one of ours caught by a rival gang. I want Alice back, or I want Quinn's heart on a stick.
<Player Name>: We'll get Alice back. You said the Widowmakers have her, right? We'll take care of them. And after that, Quinn's account is settled. He owes you nothing.
Two-Blade Pete: Fine. You bring Alice to me, and we're square. If you don't, you both bleed to death in the gutter. You know where to find me.

On the way to hideout.

Quinn: Lead on.'
Quinn: The Widowmaker's hideout is just around the corner.
Quinn: Listen, I'm sorry you got dragged into this, but hey, you're really bailing me out. Thanks.

At Hideout

Widowmaker Thug: Whaddya want?
Dialogue Box: What's the password?
Just let me in.
The stein requires a beer.
Answer: Not even close. Shove off.
Quinn: I saw a few of these clowns hanging out under the bridge. Let's get the password from them.

Arriving at the bridge.

Widowmaker Thug: It's some of Pete's thugs. Get 'em!

After fight under bridge.

Quinn: All right. We want the password to your hideout, and we want it now.
Widowmaker Thug: If I tell you, you'll let me go?
<Player Name>: Yeah, we'll let you go, as long as you don't warn them.
Widowmaker Thug: I won't. They didn't protect me. I don't owe them anything. The password is "Salma's bloomers."
Widowmaker Thug: Forget it! They're too tough for us!

Entering the hideout

Widowmaker Thug: We've got trouble! Pete's goond sre here!

After fight to rescue Riot Alice.

Riot Alice: Thanks for the rescue. I was really starting to hate these guys.
Riot Alice: As for you, Quinn. This almost makes up for you getting me caught in the first place. Almost.
Quinn: Hey, I always clean up my own messes. You were never in any danger.
<Payer Name>: Right, Quinn. Whatever you say. Come on, we need to get Alice back to Two-Blade Pete.
Riot Alice: I'm right behind you. Anywhere's better than here.

After returning to Two-Blade Pete

Two-Blade Pete: Lucky for you, Quinn, you made it. Good thing Alice isn't hurt.
Riot Alice: No thanks to you, Pete. Were you gonna leave me with those goons? I thought you needed me for the apothecary job.
Two-Blade Pete: Shut up about that. Now, as to you, Quinn. You're off the hook for Alice, but as part of the gang, I've still got work for you.
<Player Name>: That wasn't the deal, Pete. We dealt with the Widowmakers, Alice is back, and Quinn's out.
Quinn: Don't stir things up. Pete can make things really difficult around here for me. As long as I'm on the streets, I need to cooperate with him.
<Player Name>: Don't be an idiot. Pete's not your friend. He thinks everyone's expendable, especially you. You're just going to get into trouble again.
Quinn: Sure, sure. I know that. C'mon, trust me. I just have to stay one step ahead of him.
<Player Name>: All right. It's your life. Be careful, Quinn. I'm not always going to be around to lend a hand.

Two-Blade Pete and gang leave.

Seraph Soldier: Captain Thackeray needs to speak to you right away.

At the tavern with Thackeray

Logan Thackeray: Thanks for coming. Not too busy to have a word with me, are you? I need some information about a thug named Two-Blade Pete.
<Player Name>: Pete, huh? Yeah, I know him. He's always been trouble. These days, the less I have to do with him, the better I like it.
Logan Thackeray: Glad to hear that. His gang's mischief is getting downright deadly. Know anything about what they might be planning next?
<Player Name>: I just helped my friend Quinn settle a score with him, and I heard a member of his gang mention an apothecary. That mean anything to you?
Logan Thackeray: Apothecary? Hmm. Pete's goons have been sniffing around Shaemoor. There's an apothecary there. That might be their next target.
<Player Name>: Probably. What'll happen to the gang when the Seraph catch them?
Logan Thackeray: If they surrender peacefully, they'll get long prison stretches. If they don't, I can't guarantee their safety.
<Player Name>: My friend Quinn is mixed up in this. Can you give me a chance to talk him out of it?
Logan Thackeray: It's asking a lot, but for the hero of Shaemoor, I'll try. Get Quinn out fast. My soldiers will move in as soon as they see trouble.

My Story[править]

I was injured by flying debris when the earth elemental exploded. I awoke in the care of a priestess of Dwayna, who kindly let me know that my buddy Quinn had visited me. I need to see him, but the priestess asked that I return her favor by protecting Shaemoor farmers first. They needed my help, but now I'm eager to get back home to the city.

Two-Blade Pete let Quinn into the gang, but gave me the sharp-edge of a blade for my trouble. One of the scumbags talked about a plan to rob an herbalist. I better catch up with Quinn before he does something stupid. He's in over his head. Pete means business.

My story


  • The password 'Salma's Bloomers' as well as the district name refer to Queen Salma from GW1.