The Tribune's Call

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The Tribune's Call

1325 AE
Charr tango icon 20px.png charr

The ghost attack on Smokestead killed many charr in Ashford, devastating your warband and leaving your future uncertain. Tribune Torga Desertgrave of the Ash Legion has summoned you to the barracks to discuss your prospects.

— In-game description (first part)

Ash Legion intelligence says the Flame Legion is building up to something big. Tribune Torga Desertgrave has dispatched you to the Serrated Blade tavern to meet with her agent and find out more.

— In-game description (second part)

The Tribune's Call is part of the personal story for charr characters who completed the tutorial Fury of the Dead, and are members of the Ash Legion.


The Tribune's Call (level 3)

Help the legions around the Black Citadel recover from the ghost attack.

Meet Tribune Torga Desertgrave at the barracks.

  • Meet Tribune Torga Desertgrave at the barracks.
  • Survive the Flame Legion's sneak attack.

Meet with Tribune Desertgrave's agent at the Serrated Blade.

  • Meet Torga's contact outside the Serrated Blade tavern.
  • Find a way to get the Flame Legion spies out of the bar.
  • Follow the Flame Legion spies to their hideout.
  • Assassinate the Flame Legion sentries.
  • Listen at the door of the hideout.
  • Eliminate the Flame Legions spies.

Report to Tribune Desertgrave at her office.

  • Report to Torga on the third floor of the Imperator's Core.

Зависит от профессии


Scout Fursta Farhunter is your first objective and will introduce you to the heart system. Speak to her and then proceed to assist allied charr in the area to fill a heart. Once a heart has been filled, check the mail interface for your new message and then go back to the Hero's Canton—your home instance—in the Black Citadel.

Report to Tribune Desertgrave; be ready for a fight against Flame Legion Assassins. After the dialogue, travel to Canton Factorium in the northwestern part of the Citadel. When ready, enter the instanced version of the area where you'll meet Sicaea the Shrouded. Follow her inside the tavern and talk to the Suspicious Charr, Shady Charr, and so on, to find the Flame Legion spies and make them go out of the tavern.




  • Charr
    • 2,3 Flame Legion Assassin


When talking to Tribune Torga Desertgrave.

Tribune Torga Desertgrave: At ease, soldier. Damn shame that the battle at Smokestead nearly wiped out your warband. Without you, Barradin would be stomping our skulls by now.
<Player name>: Yes, Tribune. I owe my survival to Rytlock Brimstone. He held the line until reinforcements came to take out the duke.
Tribune Torga Desertgrave: True. Still, Legionnaire Howl was lost in the fighting, so your warband needs a new leader. Congratulations. You're promoted to legionnaire.
<Player name>: Thank you, Tribune. I'm ready for duty.
Tribune Torga Desertgrave: I have an operation for you. We have intel that the Flame Legion has infiltrated the citadel. Their spies—
Fengar Cruelmane: Excuse the interruption, Tribune! We have hostiles incoming. Ready for battle! Guard Tribune Desertgrave!

After the battle.

Tribune Torga Desertgrave: Well done, Legionnaire, you're already proving your worth. As for you, Fengar—do you really need to go back to the fahrar and relearn basic perimeter security?
Fengar Cruelmane: The sentries won't mess up again now that they're dead! And…uh…I'll get new ones.
<Player name>: You're lucky I was here, Fengar. The real question is, how did the Flame Legion assassins get into the Citadel? And what are they planning?
Tribune Torga Desertgrave: They know we're onto them. Those miserable Flame rats; all they did was verify our intel. Their blunder's our chance.
Tribune Torga Desertgrave: Here's your mission, Legionnaire. Go to the Serrated Blade tavern and ask about Black Citadel brandy. Your contact will say, "The barkeep waters it down."
Tribune Torga Desertgrave: I'm told some Flame sympathizers spend their time there. Discover who they are, and find something I can use to derail their plan. Questions?
<Player name>: None. I'll be quick and quiet, Tribune.

When entering the instance outside the Serrated Blade. Unknown

When getting Flame Legion charr out of the tavern.

Sicaea the Shrouded: Nicely done! I thought we'd have to set the place on fire to get them outside.
<Player name>: Getting them to move was simple. Getting the information, on the other hand…
Sicaea the Shrouded: Let's tail them. It's best if we get what we need without directly engaging. That way, they can't go warn anyone.
<Player name>: And if they catch us following them?
Sicaea the Shrouded: Then we see if you fight as well as you spy. You lead, I'll follow.

My Story[править]

The Tribune's Call

I talked to Scout Fursta Farhunter, and was directed to those who needed help around the area. I gave aid where I could.

Flame Legion assassins attacked Tribune Desertgrave within the Black Citadel itself! After we terminated them, she sent me to contact her agend, Sicaea the Shrouded, at the Serrated Blade Tavern. Time to initiate counterespionage.

Sicaea the Shrouded and I secured the password to the Flame Legion's camp.

I reported back to Torga Desertgrave. Rytlock Brimstone wanted in, but Desertgrave would not let him or the Blood Legion contribute any more to the operation. She's determined to make it exclusevly Ash Legion infiltrating the enemy.

My story