Wild Spirits

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Wild Spirits

1325 AE
Norn tango icon 20px.png norn

Denizens of the Shiverpeaks Mountains are threatened by harsh terrain, vicious animals, and freezing temperatures. Many would appreciate help from a skilled adventurer.

— In-game description

Wild Spirits is part of the personal story for norn characters who have completed the tutorial The Great Hunt and have the important quality of Cunning.


Loading screen

Wild Spirits (level 3)

Gain further renown by performing tasks for the people of the Wayfarer Hills.

Aid Ferghen the Tracker.

Зависит от профессии


Scout Agnarr is your first objective and will introduce you to the heart system. Speak to him and then proceed to help the norn in the area to fill a heart. Once a heart has been filled, check the mail interface for your new message.

You must then go to Hero's Moot in the Wayfarer Foothills. There, you can enter an instance where you meet Eir and Ferghen the Tracker. Follow his caravan all the way to the Heart of the Wolf. You will have to fight numerous waves of minotaurs along the way, and even more waves when you reach your destination. When the last wave is defeated, the mission will be over.




  • Minotaur
    • 2,3 Minotaur
    • 3 Minotaur Calf
    • 3,4 Alpine Minotaur


With Ferghen the Tracker:

Eir: Well, Ferghen, now what? We're here and we have the Slayer of Issormir, so it'd better be good.
Ferghen the Tracker: Ah, the Slayer. What a sight for sore eyes. Between the two of you, I'm sure you can solve my problem.
Ferghen the Tracker: I'm headed for Wolf Shrine, but I've got the jitters about bringing my dolyaks there. One of the Spirits of the Wild has gone insane, attacking caravans.
<Character name>: It makes no sense for a Spirit to do that.
Ferghen the Tracker: Exactly my problem. I can't figure it out. I do know it's got the minotaurs around here riled up.

Idle dialogue afterwards:

Ferghen the Tracker: Not "minotaur". It's the Minotaur! It's a spirit like Bear or Wolf. I'm a tracker, by Bear's bold butt. I know the difference.
Eir: If such a spirit exists, it hasn't been seen in generations. Why would it show up now?
Ferghen the Tracker: All I know is that it's out there. Once we get going, you'll see for yourself.
Eir: I told you, Ferghen. There's nothing out here.
Ferghen the Tracker: You just wait, kiddo. You'll see. Keep watch of those bushes. And up in the trees!
Eir: Minotaurs? In the trees?
Ferghen the Tracker: It's not some mere minotaur! It's a Spirit of the Wild! The granddaddy of all minotaurs. Hush now, I heard something!

After the first encounter with minotaurs:

Ferghen the Tracker: You see? That's just not normal!
Eir: I agree. Something's driving those minotaurs to attack. But what?
Ferghen the Tracker: The Spirit! It's here to protect its kind. What's gotten it so frantic?

Before the second encounter with minotaurs:

Ferghen the Tracker: By my father's hobnailed boots! Minotaurs! A whole stampede!

After arrival at Heart of the Wolf:

Ferghen the Tracker: What was that on the cliff? Did you see that? I thought I saw...

After the fight at Heart of the Wolf:

Ferghen the Tracker: If not for you, this caravan would have been crushed flatter than hammered mud. Do you believe me about the Spirit of the Wild now?
Eir: I agree the minotaurs are acting strangely, but that does not mean we're dealing with a Spirit of the Wild.
Ferghen the Tracker: You youngsters know nothing. This isn't normal! Something is provoking the guardian spirit of the minotaurs.
Eir: Even if that's true, it doesn't explain what's going on. What is the spirit reacting to? What is it trying to accomplish?
Ferghen the Tracker: There's one way to find out. I saw the spirit down by the river, in a form solid enough to leave tracks. An enterprising tracker could follow the trail.
<Character name>: Leave it to me. I'll go to the river and follow the tracks until I figure this out.
Eir: While you're doing that, I'll be at my homestead in Hoelbrak if you need me. Good luck. If Ferghen's beast exists, I know you'll find it.

My story[править]

Wild Spirits

I gave the bards something new to sing about by helping the people of Wayfarer Hills. I also received a message from Ferghen the Tracker, seeking my help. I'm on my way. Soon everybody will know my name!

Eir and I defended a caravan. The minotaurs were acting very strangely. Ferghen the Tracker thinks the Spirit of the Wild, Minotaur, has come to Tyria. I plan to track this creature and find out what's going on.

My story