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Disambig icon.png Эта страница the user interface. Для the achievement, смотрите Hero (achievement).

Панель героя (кнопка: H) часть пользовательского интерфейса, которая отображает общую информацию о персонаже. Состоит из пяти вкладок: экипировка, черты, личная история, крафт, и достижения.


В правом верхнем углу вкладки экипировка (кнопка H) отображаются имя персонажа, уровень, профессия, а также иконки профессии и тип личности. На приведенном скриншоте тип личности обозначен как обаяние.

Далее располагается панель, в которой указаны числовые значения четырех основных атрибутов персонажа. Зеленым цветом указаны свободные очки, которые можно потратить на повышение того или иного атрибута. Ниже представлена статистика по атаке, шансу критического удара, брони и жизни, основанная на атрибутах .

В центре вкладки экипировка мы видим фигуру нашего героя. Слева от героя вертикально располагаются ячейки брони All armor pieces are lined vertically on the right side of the model, while their accessories and secondary equipment pieces are displayed on the bottom right of the tab, and the weapon sets equipped are lined up on the left side. Above the model is a mode switch between armor and what is speculated to be town clothing.

Finally, an icon just above the armor piece icons toggles dye mode. This switches the right hand side of the panel to bring up a list of all available colors, allowing armor pieces to be dyed.

Weapon Skills[править]

View all of your weapon skills.

Slot Skills[править]

View all of your slot skills. The column on the left shows what you currently have equipped. All of the greyed out icons are locked skills. The red number in the icon reveals how many skill points are needed to unlock that skill. In the upper left corner you can see how many skill points you have to spend.


The left hand side of this panel shows all currently equipped traits on the character, categorized into profession and weapon lines. By clicking on a line, a list of associated traits appears on the right side of the panel. The traits can then be equipped by dragging the desired trait and dropping into the appropriate slot.

My story[править]

This tab keeps track of events in the personal storyline. These are listed at the bottom of the interface, with the rest detailing the selected event (if it's completed) or the next objective (if it's not).


This tab shows your crafting panel, including recipes, apprentices on specific crafting profession, and other associated stats.


This tab keeps track of all available achievements and the character's current state in achieving each of them. Clicking on any achievement category expands it, listing specific achievements, their tiers and associated points.

The character's rank in comparison to all players in the last 30 days is also featured.