Контент 4-го сезона Живого Мира
Контент Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire

Путеводная Звезда — различия между версиями

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Версия 10:59, 20 сентября 2018

Spearmarshal Zaeim is gathering representatives of the Elonian factions, hoping to forge an alliance of peace in Joko’s absence—but Aurene has decided to crash the summit. Once you find her in Vehtendi Vineyard, she is so grounded.

— Official Website

A Star to Guide Us is a release that launched on September 18, 2018, and is the fourth episode in Season 4 of the Living World.

Новые особенности

Living World Season 4

Episode 4 – A Star to Guide Us

New Achievements

New Zone

New Raid

New Currencies

New Mastery

New Rewards

Legendary Weapon

Skins and equipment

Ascended Equipment



New Guild Hall decorations

Reward Tracks (sPvP and WvW)

Gem Store


Official screenshots
Elegy armor
Mythwright Gambit
Sun's Refuge
Legendary scepter Xiuquatl

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