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Costume Brawl Fear 40px.png


Тип эффекта
Игр. ссылка

Вынужденное отступление; нельзя действовать; складывается по длительности.

— Внутриигровое описание

Fear.png Страх is a condition that causes an enemy to be interrupted and run directly away from the player for a short period of time. Characters suffering from fear will run away from the source of fear and have a dark green tinted skull appear over their heads. Fear is notable in that it also counts as a control effect, meaning it can be cleared by both condition removal as well as stun breaks. However, reduction in duration of stun effects (such as that provided by Rune of Melandru) does not affect duration of fear; its duration is only affected by reduction or increase in condition duration.

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  • When fear is applied to a character they will occasionally shout out one of the following lines, depending on their race and gender.
Раса Пол
Мужчина Женщина
Asura tango icon 20px.png Асура Executing escape plan! Flee, egress!
Charr tango icon 20px.png Чарр Fall back! Retreat!
Human tango icon 20px.png Человек Run away! Flee!
Norn tango icon 20px.png Норн I must run! What is possessing me?
Sylvari tango icon 20px.png Сильвари Flee, and take shelter! Nightmare!