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{{Anchor|[Anchor Name]|[Anchor Name 2]|...}}

There are three primary uses for this template in GW2W:

  • To allow an alternative link to an internal header, e.g. so that [[Inventory#Bags]] links to the same section of an article as [[Inventory#List of Bags]]. This is useful to shorten an internal anchor or to create a consistent link when the article is still being updated.
  • To create links in parts of the article that cannot be easily divided by headers, e.g. in the middle of table.
  • To create a manual Table of Contents that differs from the one automatically by the wiki code.

See Wikipedia's documentation for further details.


On Inventory:

 == {{anchor|Bags}} List of Bags === 

This means that Inventory#Bags and Inventory#List of bags links to the same section of Inventory.