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Effect Effect


{{effect|<effect name>|<alternate link text>|stacks=<stacks>}}


Unnamed parameter 1
Name of effect article
Unnamed parameter 2
Alternate text
Optional. The number of stacks
Icon to use. Use to override the icon found on the article. Defaults to Skill.png.
Can be set to "only" to remove the text. (deprecated, where possible please use {{effect icon}} directly)
Can be set to "no" to only display the description. (deprecated, where possible please use {{effect description}} directly)


  • Distortion.png Blur is produced from {{effect|Blur}}
  • Shocking Aura (effect) fix.png Shocking Aura is produced from {{effect|Shocking Aura (effect)}}
  • Shocking Aura (effect) fix.png Alternate text is produced from {{effect|Shocking Aura (effect)|Alternate text}}
  • Bleeding.png3 Bleeding is produced from {{effect|Bleeding|stacks=3}}
  • Miscellaneous effect.png Nonexistent effect is produced from {{effect|Nonexistent effect}}
  • Bleeding.png Nonexistent effect is produced from {{effect|Nonexistent effect|icon=Bleeding.png}}