Шаблон:Sold by result format

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This semantic result template is used for formatting results from {{Sold by}}. Uses {{Vendor table notes}} to format additional notes. The following parameters are passed to the template:

  1. Vendor subobject
  2. Has vendor
  3. Has vendor section
  4. Has item cost
  5. Has item quantity
  6. Located in
  7. Is historical
  8. Has vendor.Has game icon
  9. Has vendor.Has canonical name
  10. Has vendor.Is historical
  11. Has vendor anchor
  12. Has requirement
  13. Is purchasable during collection
  14. Has daily purchase cap
  15. Has total purchase cap
Optional. If set, shows the name of the currency required.

See also

  • {{Vendor query table result format}} - a similar template used by {{Vendor query table}} and {{Vendor item table row}} (rarely used).