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This template generates a link to a waypoint and appends a chat link. For this to work, the waypoint must have been added to an area's page, with the template {{map objective}}. The waypoint data is formatted with {{waypoint result format}}.

{{waypoint|<name or id>}}


Unnamed parameter 1
Required. Either the canonical name or the integer ID of a waypoint. Waypoint names are identical to those in-game and IDs can be retrieved from Widget:Map table or Widget:World map.
If this parameter is omitted, the template will not render anything.


Existing waypoint or ID
Nonexistent waypoint or ID
  • {{waypoint|Quaggans Waypoint}}Error: No waypoint named "Quaggans Waypoint" found. Check if it has been added to the area.
  • {{waypoint|0}}Error: Waypoint with id "0" not found. Check if it has been added to the area.