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A character is the customized avatar of the player in the game. Unlike Guild Wars, there will be no differentiation between PvE and PvP characters, so the same character can be used to enter both PvE and PvP. To balance the abilities of characters of different levels, every character is modified in PvP areas to stand in equal ground. How this will be done is still unknown.

Players will be able to create several characters per account. Neither the number of character slots nor the ability to purchase additional slots has been announced.

Character advancement[править]


Characters accumulate experience and gain levels throughout the game. The maximum attainable level for players is 80.[1] Leveling up however, is not the only way to make progress. Other aspects of the game, such as accumulating skills, traits and achievements also play a major role in character progression.[1]

The level progression is not geometric or exponential as in most other games in the genre. The amount of time and/or effort required to gain levels stays constant throughout the process.[1]


A player can customize the race, sex, profession, physical appearance of their character during character creation. A player also can answer a few biography questions about their character which personalizes aspects of their story. The biography questions cannot be changed after creation. There is no information yet about appearance changes after character creation.

During the game appearance customization is possible through mixing and matching the different components of armor, town clothes and weapons. There are a wide range of dye colors which can be acquired and applied to armor and town clothing. Transmutation stones allow the appearance of one item to be given the statistics of another.

Custom story[править]

The personal journey of each character is tailor-made according to history and character, but also based on his or her choices while playing. For example, a player may decide to save a certain NPC, while another may choose to let him die. The former may then choose to go on a mission to rescue his comrades from imprisonment, while the latter will not have that choice. A custom story aims to make a player feel that the game reacts according to his or her choices.

Original Guild Wars characters[править]

Guild Wars 2 is set 250 years after the original, therefore characters from Guild Wars cannot be "ported" to Guild Wars 2. The Hall of Monuments will allow recognition of some Guild Wars achievements in Guild Wars 2. It will also allow players to reserve names for Guild Wars 2, although the exact process and mechanics are as of yet unknown.