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Trinket infobox



Optional. Name of the trinket, only use if different from article name (defaults to {{PAGENAME}}).
Optional. Inventory icon, only use if file is named differently from the article (defaults to {{PAGENAME}}.png).
The type of trinket : accessory, amulet, or ring.
Required level to equip trinket.
stat level 
The level used to calculate the item's stats, if different from required level.
Optional. In-game description.
The nomenclature prefix that describes the attribute bonuses on the weapon. Automatically sets the attribute bonuses in the description based on {{item stat lookup}} and {{prefix attributes}}. Use variables instead if the item's stats do not match a standard prefix.
benefits of the trinket (i.e. power, damage, vitality, etc.). Use the {{item stat}} in this variable when the item has non-standard variables, otherwise use prefix.
slot type
The type of upgrade slot
upgrade slot - Default slot. The upgrade component in the item, defaults to empty slot.
infusion slot - The type of infusion slot of the item, defaults to unused influsion slot.
Item present in the trinket's upgrade slot, by default the slot will be empty. The upgrade slot will not be displayed if no is entered.
Optional. n to skip auto-categorization. Rarely used but useful for corner-case pages. If using "status", don't set this parameter.
Optional. Status of content. Only set if not currently obtainable ingame, displays relevant notice. Available options: "historical", "discontinued", "future", "unimplemented", "current" (default).
Optional. (legacy parameter). Duplicates function of setting status = historical. y displays the {{historical content}} notice.

The following parameters are handled by the {{Default item parameter}} template:

Optional. If the item is part of any collections.
Specified rarity: junk, basic, fine, masterwork, rare, exotic, ascended, legendary. Will be set to Unspecified per default.
Optional. Required level to use the item.
Optional. Required race to use item. Currently only used for cultural armor and cultural weapons.
Optional. Whether the item is unique. "y" for yes, omit parameter if no.
Optional. Under what conditions the item becomes bound: no binding (default), use (soulbound on use), acquire (soulbound on acquisition), account, account soul (account bound on acquire, soul bound on use)
Optional. Currency cost of the item when purchased from a vendor. To match it to the display in any vendor window, use the amount and the appropriate icon template, e.g. {{coin|500}}, 500 {{item icon|zhaitaffy}}, or 500 {{token|Guild Commendation}}
Optional. The number of Медная монета coins a vendor will pay for this item; use only the number, since the template assumes copper coins.
Optional. The item id. Does allow multiple ids to be set by using a comma-separated list.
other ids
Optional. Other item ids that are not displayed as chat links.
skin id
Optional. If given, an additional skin chat link will be displayed above the item chat link.

Arraymap parameters

Optional. Enter images using +<Image>, <Caption> with a newline between the caption and the next image. Defaults to <page name>.jpg

Legacy parameters

Required. The canonical name of item, used for Property:Has caption.
gallery1 ... gallery5 
Optional. Gallery images of the weapon. Defaults to <page name>.jpg
gallery1-text ... gallery5-text 
Optional. Gallery image descriptions.


{{Trinket infobox
| name = 
| icon = 
| type = 
| level = 
| rarity = 
| description = 
| prefix
| variables = 
| uslot = 
| cost = 
| value = 
| bound = 



{{Trinket infobox
| name = Topaz Gold Earring
| type = Accessory
| rarity = Fine
| level = 40
| prefix = Berserker's
| uslot = Topaz Lump
| value = 48
| bound = on use


Topaz Gold Earring

— Внутриигровое описание

Ascended Amulet[править]

{{Trinket infobox
| name = Third-Place Medal
| description = Congratulations from the Divinity's Reach Fancy Cat Association! Everyone is fancy in their own way.
| type = Amulet
| level = 80
| rarity = Ascended
| variables = {{Item stat|power|67}}{{Item stat|precision|94}}{{Item stat|toughness|67}}{{Item stat|precision|32}}{{Item stat|toughness|18}}{{Item stat|power|18}}
| slot type = infusion
| uslot = offensive
| cost = 30 {{laurel}}
| bound = Account
| value = 660

Congratulations from the Divinity's Reach Fancy Cat Association! Everyone is fancy in their own way.

+67 Power.png Сила
+94 Precision.png Точность
+67 Toughness.png Прочность
+32 Precision.png Точность
+18 Toughness.png Прочность
+18 Power.png Сила
Infusion Slot Unused Offensive Infusion Slot

— Внутриигровое описание