Beacons of Kryta

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Special Beacons of Kryta, symbols of humanity’s hope, have been set up in Divinity’s Reach. Take a torch from a torchbearer, then race around a course to light all of the Beacons of Kryta!


  • Lyssa Waypoint in front of the statue.
Beacon map
Файл:Beacon Lyssa.png
  • Southwest corner of the upper level dome closest waypoint is Palace Waypoint
Beacon map
Файл:Beacon palace.png
  • Under the ramp leading to Kormir statue, closest waypoint Kormir Waypoint
Beacon map
Файл:Beacon kormir.png
  • Middle of Rurikton, Rurikton Waypoint
Beacon map
Файл:Beacon Rurikton.png


Upon speaking with a torchbearer your skill bar is blocked out and you receive a timer near your buffs. The unlit Beacons of Kryta nearby will show on your mini map. Pressing the interact key near a Beacon of Kryta will light it. Light all the Beacons on the map before the torch runs out for the achievement.


Flames of Kryta


  • Speed boosts from the prayers as well as class ones will work if used before starting.
  • You can interact with a torch while moving.


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