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Bound or binding refers to the game mechanic for whether an item will be constrained to the account and what conditions it becomes constrained to a character. There are two properties of binding:

  • Soulbound - Property for an item that is soulbound to a character.
    • Soulbound on Use - On use typically applies to any item that can be equipped, including equipment, bags, and town clothing. Using the item will switch the property to Soulbound.
    • Soul Bound on Acquire - Items will only display on acquire in the tooltip, once players obtain the item, it will switch to Soulbound.
  • Account Bound - Items are either account bound or not, the tooltip will always specify such.


Soulbound and account bound are two separate bindings, one can exist without the other being present.

Binding Account Bound
Yes No
Soulbound on Acquire Mutually exclusive gathering tools, karma items, story items
Soulbound on Use Legendary weapons, Molten Alliance Mining Pick Most equipment
No Ancient Karka Shell Box Most items that cannot be equipped