Hot Air Balloon

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Hot Air Balloon

Hot Air Balloons are part of the Queen's Jubilee celebration. They can be found in zones throughout Tyria except Southsun Cove and zones in Orr. They offer free transport to Divinity's Reach after the completion of a related event.

Talking to the Balloon Pilot located at the foot of the stairs starts one of several events. After completion player's may climb the stairs to find a Magnificent Chest and then may access the free transport services. For a short while after the event completion the gates to the balloon remain open allowing access without needing to participate in the event.

Finding 30 of the balloons will award the Balloon Tower Tourist Achievement.


Defeat the Aetherblade Captain
Drive off the Aetherblade pirates
Duel with the Queen's Champion
Escort the overdue emissary to the hot-air balloon



Kessex Hills

  • South East of Meadows Waypoint
  • North West of Kessex Haven Waypoint

Metrica Province

  • North of Akk Wilds Waypoint
  • North East of Arterium Haven Waypoint

Caledon Forest

  • North of Caledon Haven Waypoint
  • South of Hamlet of Annwen Waypoint

Plains of Ashford

  • South West of Martyr's Waypoint
  • East of Ascalonian Catacomb's Waypoint

Diessa Plateau

  • East of Dawnright Estate Waypoint
  • North West of Charradis Estate Waypoint

Iron Marches

  • North of Viper's Run Waypoint
  • East Old Piken Ruin Waypoint

Fields of Ruin

  • North East of Skoll's Bivouac Waypoint
  • South West Vulture's Waypoint

Fireheart Rise

  • East of Rustbowl Waypoint
  • West of Tuyere Command Post Waypoint

Brisban Wildlands

  • West of Wendon Waypoint
  • North of Mirkrise Waypoint

Harathi Hinterlands

  • South West of Bridgewatch Camp Waypoint
  • North of Faun's Waypoint

Wayfarer Foothills

  • West of Lostvyrn Cave Waypoint
  • West of Twinspur Haven Waypoint

Dredgehaunt Cliffs

  • West of Mountain's Tail Waypoint
  • WNW of Dociu Waypoint

Frostgorge Sound

  • West of Skyheight Steading Waypoint
  • North East of Arundon Waypoint

Snowden Drifts

  • North East of Skradden Waypoint
  • West of Highpass Haven Waypoint

Gendarran Fields

  • Northwest of Broadhollow Waypoint
  • West of Winter Haven Waypoint

Bloodtide Coast

  • North East of Firthside Vigil Waypoint
  • West of Archen Foreland Waypoint

Lornar's Pass

  • North West Vanjir's Stead Waypoint
  • North East of Mistriven Waypoint

Mount Maelstrom

  • South of Criterion Waypoint
  • South of Gauntlet Waypoint

Sparkfly Fen

  • North of Ocean's Gullet Waypoint
  • North West of Darkweather Waypoint

Timberline Falls

  • South West of Stromkarl Waypoint
  • South East of Krongar Waypoint