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Melandru High Road

Melandru High Road map.jpg
Map of Melandru High Road

Melandru High Road.jpg
Melandru High Road

Melandru High Road is a pathway that leads to the Plaza of Melandru. It is located between The Crown Pavilion and the Western Commons.





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Ambient dialogue

Citizen: Hello.
Citizen: Where does the ministry convene?
Seraph Soldier: City center. You can't miss it.
Citizen: Thanks.
Seraph Soldier: Don't disturb the ministry during proceedings. Anyone caught disrupting politics will be publicly flogged.
Seraph Soldier: Just kidding. Minister Caudecus outlawed flogging months ago.
Citizen: Uh...
Seraph Soldier: Have fun now. And stay out of trouble!
Citizen (1): How are you?
Citizen (2): Great. You?
Citizen (1): Can't complain.
Citizen (1): I'm worried about the queen.
Citizen (2): Centaurs or bandits?
Citizen (1): Why hasn't she married? And what happens if she falls ill... or dies... or worse! Who would rule the kingdom?
Citizen (2): I'm sure she'll find a just king. If she doesn't, she can always settle for me.