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The Echovald Forest

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The Echovald Forest

The Echovald Forest is a region in Cantha.


End of Dragons


Early history[править]

Sometime in the late pre-imperial era, after the appearance of humanity in Cantha, the Kurzicks settled Echovald Forest from lands believed to be beyond Cantha. In the year 51 CC (459 BE), during the reign of Emperor Yian Zho, the forest was invaded by both Luxons, rivals of the Kurzicks, and the emperor's forces. Though the invaders failed to defeat the Kurzicks, they successfully contained them within the forest and the Kurzicks soon became a vassal state.[1]

During the Jade Wind, the forest and its inhabitants were petrified, trees transforming to lifeless columns of stone and birds crashing to the ground, petrified mid-flight. Deer turned to stone mid-leap, landing on the ground as mere lifeless statues. The Kurzicks largely escaped the petrification of the forest, and so began to carve out homes from remnants of what were once trees.[1][2]

During the forest's transformation into jade, the forest spirit Urgoz was corrupted by the Jade Wind, driving him and his wardens to madness. Urgoz, suffering from Shiro's influence, became demonic and twisted, corrupting the forest's wildlife and refugee dredge and using them as pawns in his war against the Kurzicks, taking control of an amber mine to stage his attacks from, which would later be dubbed "Urgoz's Warren". Despite Urgoz's corruption, some Kurzicks carried out hope that if they slew enough wardens, Urgoz would breathe life into the forest once more.[3][4]




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    Dunmel Gorhopf: We've begun a campaign to eliminate the corrupted wardens, and we hope that by doing so, the ancient forest spirit, if it still lives, will awaken and breathe life into this forest once more. Unfortunately, with the war against the Luxons heating up, most of our capable fighters have been sent to the front lines. If you will eliminate any wardens you come across as you travel the forest, we'd be extremely grateful.
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