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The Icebrood Saga

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Living World season 5 icon

While all seems quiet in the wake of Kralkatorrik’s defeat, whispers of trouble are stirring in the Northern Shiverpeaks. In this new Living World story, you and your allies will find yourselves at the center of a gathering storm as an ancient and insidious threat slowly reveals itself. Together you’ll face Jormag’s cult, the Icebrood, who have been twisted by the Elder Dragon’s corrupting power.

— Official site

The Icebrood Saga is the fifth season of the Living World accessible to players who own Path of Fire. It was announced on August 30, 2019, and will be released beginning with a prologue episode, Bound by Blood, on September 17, 2019.

This article assumes knowledge of the storyline up to and including Living World Season 4, which takes place after Path of Fire.


The Icebrood Saga will focus on the norn and charr homelands in Far Shiverpeaks and Blood Legion Homelands.


Main characters

Dragon's Watch

The Pact Commander's guild formed at Eir Stegalkin's funeral from their friends who helped fight Mordremoth and Scarlet.

Main villains

Other characters


28px Prologue: Bound by Blood

“Bound by Blood” takes you to Grothmar Valley to join an all-legion rally with the charr.

— Official website

28px Episode 1

Episode 1 is set in The Far Shiverpeaks, in a map that will expand to encompass new stories, activities, and places over the first and second episodes

— Official website

Dates of free access

The prologue, Bound by Blood, is free for players who own Path of Fire. For the rest of the episodes, logging into the game between the two dates listed would unlock the related episode for free. You can unlock the episodes even if you do not own Path of Fire, but you must have the expansion in order to play them. The dates are as follows:

Episode Dates
Bound by Blood Always free

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