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Disambig icon.png Эта страница achievement category. Для the NPC, смотрите Weapon Master (NPC).

Weapon Master is an achievement category for achievements earned by mastering the different weapons of the game. A total of 20 weapon master achievements can be attained.

Each time the player uses a specific weapon skill to deal a finishing blow to an NPC or player, they will earn credit. No profession can wield all weapons, meaning that you will have to create at least three characters to complete this category (see notes).


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Weapon Master (General)
Total achievements: 20 209 Очко достижений


Master of Overkill

  • This is an achievement that does not grant any benefits.
  • Any skill will do, including the ones available via bundles or siege weapons. The best way to max this achievement is by hitting ambient creatures like Rabbits or Raccoons, because they have no defense.
    • In Crucible of Eternity (story), there's a part where players follow a golem that is producing a force field. With one of the bundles you can collect right in front of the poison area, hit an ambient creature.
    • Hit an ambient creature with a siege weapon in World versus World.
    • Risen at the end of Personal Story mission Air Drop, while wearing the golem suit.
  • Reviving downed players also grants progress equal to the cumulative amount of healing done when the player ends the revival channeling.

Weapon Master

To acquire weapon-related achievements, the last hit must be dealt with that particular weapon a specific number of times. Only the weapon related to the weapon skill that strikes the killing blow will earn a point. If the target dies from any other source of damage such as Pets, trait effects, condition damage or most utility skills no credit is given, although several utility skills count as kills from a certain weapon.

  • Players can use the Combat log to check whether a weapon skill was the last hit dealt on a target as long as nothing else was attacking it too.
  • The piercing trait is highly effective against stacked ambient creatures like in the story instance Stealing Light (see spoilers below).
  • Kills from reflected projectiles count as the weapon that produced them.
  • It's highly recommended to work on these achievements with the Slayer achievements.
  • Nerfed: Foes killed by area of effect damage from Sigil of Fire no longer count towards the title for whichever weapon skill caused the hit.
  • The names of the achievements "Speargun Master" and "Harpoon Master" are misleading. The Speargun achievement is actually referring to Harpoon Gun weapons (sometimes just called Harpoon). The Harpoon achievement refers to Spear weapons.
  • Some bundles and utility skills count as a specific weapon type. Some, such as conjured skills like Lightning Hammer and Magnetic Shield, do not count towards anything.
Places with large amounts of ambient creatures or underleveled enemies

Due to people farming ambient creatures with Maize balm many open world locations with quickly respawning ambient creatures have been adjusted with slower spawn rates or complete removal. There are however still some personal story steps that offer endless respawns of critters or underleveled creatures that can be killed with one hit and are ideal for farming weapon master achievements.

  • A Vision of Darkness (lvl 20, Sylvari): Rescue Tequin. Lead her back until she says "I saw great eyes in the darkness." It is recommended to back track and down the NPCs at this point. Spiders respawn infinitely until the player crosses a certain threshold and snap the NPCs to say "There's the portal!".
  • Forearmed Is Forewarned (lvl 60, Vigil): an endless stream of rats spawn (at a rate of ~1 rat per second) and can be killed for weapon master achievements. By diving at the spawn even underwater weapon kills can be farmed this way.
  • Stealing Light (lvl 80): At the top of the hill risen spiders spawn and will instantly respawn when one is killed. By not triggering the fight against the Spider Lord, these spider can be used to very quickly (depending on attack speed, between 60 and 70 minutes, except for Shield which takes longer) finish any weapon master achievement. The rate of spawn is approximately 80 spiders per minute, but they respawn at the rate they are dispatched. The spiders are not ambient creatures but underleveled enemies and while not hitting hard, the sheer number of can eventually kill a player without any sustainability. NPC Allies may interfere so it's best to feed them to the giants. Beware that they resurrect each other.
  • Urban Battleground Fractal (lvl 80): Not a Personal Story chapter. The Urban Battleground Fractal can be selected when entering the Fractals of the Mists. In the northeast corner of the first area is a sectioned-off area where all human enemies are actually ambient creatures on a fast respawn. While the humans are spread out over a fairly large area, it is still possible to obtain multiple kills using long-duration aoe-skills.

The focus, shield, torch, and warhorn achievements are noticeably slower to acquire, as there's no autoattacks for them on any profession, and their skills usually have lengthy cooldowns or deal no damage. Nerfed: An easy way of progress in this achievement was to upgrade a weapon with a damaging sigil like Sigil of Fire and kill the ambient creatures or low-health enemies in story steps. However, this blast no longer counts more than one ambient creature. Piercing skills work well on groups as well as AoE. The following weapon skills offer the most potential kills per minute if used against infinitely respawning creatures (for example the risen spiders in the story step Stealing Light):

  • Focus - Elementalist Flamewall - ~187.5 hits per minute: 10 pulses against 5 targets every 16 seconds (with Persisting Flames and Pyromancer's Training)
  • Shield - Chronomancer Tides of Time - 20 hits per minute: hits 10 targets every 30 seconds (reduced slightly by alacrity from the skill itself)
  • Torch - Ranger Bonfire - 135 hits per minute: 9 pulses against 5 targets every 20 seconds (with Ambidexterity)
  • Warhorn - Necromancer - previously, Locust Swarm (with Banshee's Wail) was the preferred method, but since that skill was changed from Damage to Life Siphon Damage, it no longer counts towards Warhorn. Instead, wait until surrounded, enter Death Shroud, trigger Life Transfer (which counts as weapon damage for whatever the off-hand weapon is), exit to normal, repeat. Hits 30 targets every 25 seconds.

Ground targeted abilities (like Flamewall and Tides of Time cannot be autocast. To farm these weapon master achievements with minimal interaction, the Ground Targeting option can be set to Instant and the associated key on the keyboard can be held down continuously to have the skill be cast as soon as it comes off cooldown. Note however, that AFK farming is prohibited, be at the computer at all times.


Not much attention is paid to the aquatic weapons, so there is little information to help with gaining related Weapon Mastery. The rivers that run through Timberline Falls, Brisban Wildlands and Metrica Province offer a decent number of ambient enemies.

Swimming up and down the river west of Artergon Waypoint killing ambients is a good way to go using:

  • Trident - Necromancer
  • Spear - Necromancer or Revenant
  • Harpoon Gun - Ranger or Thief

In the Sylvari personal story chapter Source of the Issue, the stream that runs through the instance contains 18 Coho Salmon on a slow respawn. Once the regular enemies have been cleared out of area, they can be farmed in peace. The story step Forearmed Is Forewarned of the Vigil story offers an endless stream of quickly respawning ambient rats that can be hit from underwater.


To obtain the Weapon Master achievements with the least possible number of different core professions, the following combinations can be used:

  • Ranger, Guardian, Engineer
  • Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Necromancer
  • Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Elementalist
  • Warrior, Ranger, Thief, Guardian
  • Warrior, Ranger, Mesmer, Necromancer
  • Warrior, Ranger, Mesmer, Elementalist
  • Warrior, Ranger, Mesmer, Guardian
  • Warrior, Ranger, Necromancer, Engineer
  • Warrior, Ranger, Elementalist, Engineer
  • Warrior, Thief, Mesmer, Necromancer
  • Warrior, Thief, Mesmer, Elementalist
  • Warrior, Thief, Necromancer, Guardian