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Equipment pieces are special items which can be wielded and worn by the character. There are several different types of equipment, each with a special slot allocated to it on the hero panel which accepts only that type of equipment. Equipment can be dragged and dropped within the hero panel to the corresponding slot to equip it. Alternatively, the player can use the right click menu on a piece of equipment in the inventory. Equipment can only be changed out of combat.

A piece of equipment can be compared with the piece being currently worn by mousing over the new equipment icon in the inventory, when it is looted or on the hero panel. This brings up the information for both pieces of equipment with better item statistics shown in green and worse statistics shown in red.

Equipment can have stats transferred from one item to another through transmutation.

Equipment types[править]

There are several broad categories of equipment.

There are six slots for armor; head, shoulders, chest, arms, legs, and feet.
Town clothing
There are five slots for town clothing; head, chest, arms, legs, and feet.
Depending on the profession of the character there are either one or two main-hand and off-hand weapon slot pairs.
Underwater equipment
There is a slot for a breathing apparatus and one or two slots for aquatic weapons.
There are six secondary equipment slots for items such as jewelry; left and right ears, left and right ring, neck and cloak.
Gathering tool
There are three slots for equipment used to harvest items from the world; logging axe, mining pick, and harvesting sickle.

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