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Books are collections of factual, historical, or personal writings. Letters and journals are also considered books. Books can be found in many different locations including: cities and towns, libraries, and even in otherwise abandoned places.

Most books found throughout Tyria are Static Interactive Objects and the players can have but limited interaction with them. Other books exist as weapons and trinkets, or just mentioned to exist in lore.

List of book titles[править]

These books cannot be read, and are only mentioned in dialogue. Most are mentioned to be on Book Carts in Divinity's Reach.

List of book items[править]

These books are trinkets that may be equipped in a player’s back slot, or are foci. These books can not be read, though they may hold short descriptions with the stats.

List of interactive books[править]

These books are objects in the world that can be interacted with, many having their contents readable.