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Canach is a secondborn sylvari and member of the Consortium. He was the leader of the Consortium expedition to Southsun Cove that accidentally instigated the karka attack on Lion's Arch.




Without having done the previous steps
After the event, not completing it

"What...what are you staring at? Even at a disadvantage, I'm still your better. If you want something, speak up and move on."

Having done the previous steps, before event
After the event, having completing it

"I...yield. Noll told you most of it anyway, and it's pointless to keep denying what I've done. I chose to play this game, and I have lost."

Talk more option tango.png
And there will be consequences. But the Lionguard will determine those.
"I will not run and be hunted like some base animal. I had reasons for my actions and will not apologize...but I'm ready to answer for what I did."
Talk end option tango.png
Then maybe there's hope for you yet.
Talk end option tango.png
I've heard enough. I need to get this document to Inspector Kiel.
After receiving mail
On the boat at the beginning of the Southsun Cove invasion

"I've admitted my mistake, but I deny the Lionguard's right to punish me. The Captain's Council has done much worse to secure their positions."

Talk more option tango.png
That doesn't excuse what you did.
"I am Secondborn sylvari; I don't make excuses. What's done is done. Punishing me for it benefits no one. However, if I am alive and free, I can atone and make restitution to the city."
Talk end option tango.png
Good luck convincing Keil of that. And Magnus.
Talk end option tango.png
Maybe. But at least they were smart enough not to get caught.


When fighting during the investigation, in order
Canach: This is beneath me, but it is necessary. Defend yourself.
Canach: You're more skillful than I expected, but that won't save you.
Canach: Perhaps I underestimated you...but that's easily rectified.
Canach: I don't have time for this. Just fall down and die.
Canach: Enough! I will not die in some common brawl. You win. Now...what do you want?
At the end of the Lion's Arch invasion at the beginning of Phase 2, at the now-built trebuchet.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Take aim…and fire!
*Trebuchet fires the solvent at the Ancient Karka, which is right near the trebuchet. It gets covered in the solvent, turns, and runs away.*
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Bear's fuzzy backside, it worked! Turned that beastie's shell into mush right before our eyes.
Head Researcher Levvi: Don't sound so surprised. With proper research and planning, results like this come naturally.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: I'm not surprised, you bitter little pill, I'm elated. The karka's gone, scuttled off to who knows where, and now we know how to fight it.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Actually, sir, I think I know exactly where it went. Canach! Get over here and start sharing.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: This sylvari has information on how this karka mess began. Start talking, Canach.
Canach: Very well. Weeks ago, I sent an expedition to an unknown island to the south. They were to ready an asura gate as part of the Consortium's development plans.
Canach: My team never returned. The gate remains inactive, and wreckage from their ship started washing up not long before the karka attacks began.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: We think whatever Canach's crew did on that island provoked the karka. They struck back at the nearest possible target: us.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: You lost a ship and its entire crew weeks ago? And you're just telling us about it now? Your little secret put the entire city at risk.
Subdirector Noll: If I may, Captain: Canach works for the Consortium, not the city. He is contractually bound by our most comprehensive nondisclosure agreement.
Subdirector Noll: The Consortium has to protect its investments at every stage of development. It's a matter of commerce, I'm sure you understand.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: This intrigue can wait. What I want now is a detail sent after that karka. Track it back to its lair and kill it while it's licking its wounds.
Subdirector Noll: That island is private property. I cannot sign off on any military endeavor unless it includes a Consortium representative.
Head Researcher Levvi: You'll need me and my krewe, too. Nobody knows more about the karka than we do.
Magnus the Bloody-Handed: Kiel! As long as you kill that thing and prevent any future attacks, you can bring along as many of these idiots as you like. We'll sort out blame and punishment later.
Inspector Ellen Kiel: Understood. Lionguard! Squad formation. Board the ships and get ready to fight. This time, we're on the offensive.