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Disambig icon.pngЭта страница personal story quest. Для the Flame & Frost event features, смотрите Flame and Frost: Retribution.


Lion's Arch
Claw Island
(Lion's Arch)
Все расы
Сюжетная линия
This Far, No Further
(All Orders)
Следует за
Durmand Priory The Priory Assailed
Order of Whispers Critical Blowback
Vigil Under Siege
Следует перед
Forging the Pact

Retribution is part of the personal story for characters of all races.


[править] Objectives

Retribution (level 59)

Part 1

Attend the Order summit in Lion's Arch.

  • Join the gathering at the Claw Island pier.
Part 2

Defeat Zhaitan's forces, and retake Claw Island.

  • Join the assault force at Claw Island.
  • Attend the strategy meeting on deck.
  • Escort Agent Zott to the signal tower.
  • Defend Zott while he reconfigures the amplifier.
  • Regroup at the fortress's inner gate.
  • Escort Trahearne to the central rampart.
  • Eastern parapet
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
    Event flag green.png
  • Northern rampart
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
    Event flag green.png
  • Western parapet
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
    Event flag green.png
  • Courtyard
  • Event bar empty2.jpg
    Event flag green.png
  • Defeat Blightghast the Plaguebringer.
  • Event bar.jpg
    Event boss (map icon).png
  • Check in with Doern, Efut, Wynnet, and Trahearne.
  • Speak with Trahearne.

[править] Rewards

Зависит от профессии

[править] Walkthrough

[править] Part 1 (Lion's Arch)

Approach the group of leaders of the three orders of Tyria and listen to their conversation. You character will be able to enroll the three of them to join forces in the fight against Zhaitan, with Trahearne leading. The Pact is created.

[править] Part 2 (Claw Island)

The objective is to take back Claw Island from the risen, who are led by a dragon champion. Depending on which reinforcements you chose to aid your Order during previous missions, a variety of different help is available. Other than this, the mission is the same for everyone.

Previous choices Allies Description
Durmand Priory: The Sound of Psi-Lance Researcher Barron and Researcher Fero Barron accompanies and fights with you throughout the mission; Fero sets up the Psi-Lance in place of one of the trebuchets which can be fired into the courtyard.
Durmand Priory: Shards of Orr Tegwen and Carys Tegwen, Carys, and some Wardens (of varying professions; they aren't the Ghostbore Musket-wielding Pale Reavers yet) accompany and fight with you throughout the mission.
Order of Whispers: Early Parole Benn Tenstrikes Benn Tenstrikes and his mercenary crew accompany and fight with you throughout the mission.
Order of Whispers: Magic Sucks Professor Gorr Gorr accompanies you throughout the mission with his new weapon. It is possible to acquire a Vacuumagic Polarizer from him to battle the Risen, but not necessary.
The Vigil: Defense Contract Galina Edgecrusher and Snarl Backdraft Snarl accompanies and fights with you throughout the mission. You can also speak with him to deploy a limited number of Ghostbore Turrets. Galina sets up a Ghostbore Cannon which can be fired into the courtyard, in place of one of the trebuchets.
The Vigil: The Good Fight Fibharr Fibharr and his companions accompany and fight with you throughout the mission.

On starting this mission at the Lion's Arch dock, you are transported to the moored attack vessel at Claw Island. At this point, it is necessary to find the correct NPC to begin the conversation with the rest of the attack force. This NPC will be one you've chosen to help, as shown in the above table, and can be found in the ship's hold where you begin the instance. (They may not have the green star identifier but will probably be waving at you.) Once spoken to, you will need to go above to where Trahearne and the rest of the leaders are waiting for you. At this point an initial cutscene will play.

Charge the Priory device and destroy the gate

Before being able to recapture the fort, the gate needs to be destroyed. The Priory has brought a device that could do this, but since it's a portable model it lacks the power to break down a reinforced gate. The Order of Whispers recognizes the technology, which is similar to what's powering the Claw Island beacons. If it were possible to reach a beacon, the device's power could be sufficiently increased. However, the Risen are all over the path to the beacon, and the docks need to be defended as well. Fortunately, with the Vigil present, you have enough troops to take care of both objectives. Trahearne and the Order representatives stay behind to defend the docks while your character escorts the Priory's device to the beacon with a strike team. The nearest beacon is on a hill facing you as you get off the ship.

Clear out any Risen on the way to the beacon. Upon reaching it, you and your allies have to defeat a champion risen. Following that, Agent Zott starts working on the beacon and requires you to defend him against a few waves of risen. When the device is ready, a cutscene plays in which a powerful beam shoots out of the beacon and destroys the gate, and the defenders on the docks rush in. You can obtain a powerful Vacuumagic Polarizer gun from Professor Gorr now if you wish (recommended for those having Gorr in their group). Follow the NPCs after the cutscene ends.

At the gate, a cutscene plays showing the leaders discussing the plan to take back the fort and defeat the dragon champion. Three trebuchets are to be fitted with Priory alchemical ammunition which will force the champion down where it can be killed. In the central courtyard there are allies fighting risen, however that is not your objective. Try to avoid unnecessary battles, since your NPC helpers generally won't fight any enemies that aren't directly on the path to an objective, and the risen in the courtyard respawn continuously.

Recapture the fort, repair and arm the trebuchets

The first objective is to escort Trahearne up to the ramparts where he can oversee and manage the battle; so follow him upstairs. On the way there, he stands and waits as long as there are still risen to be killed. Once at the bridge, Trahearne summons a couple of necromancer minions to defend him.

Your second objective is to repair three trebuchets around the fortress walls; the order is up to you. A small group of Risen, each with at least one Veteran, guards each trebuchet, with a nearby defeated ally engineer. After defeating them, revive the engineer and stand in the circle until the point is "captured". The engineer will repair the trebuchet and load it with the special priory ammunitions. Keep an eye on your health and remove conditions whenever you can.

After the last trebuchets are repaired, you are asked to capture the courtyard. Kill all risen in the courtyard until the circle turns blue, and wait for the progress bar to fill up. A cutscene then plays showing the dragon's champion Blightghast the Plaguebringer (a minor dragon) flying in and being forced to land on the beach by the special trebuchet ammunition.

Defeat the dragon's champion

Your last objective is to slay the dragon's champion, which is a very similar fight to the one against Tequatl. He has a variety of different attacks that he cycles through:

  • drops large puddles of poison from his body onto the ground in front of him, causing anyone standing in them to take stacking poison damage
  • spawns several Risen Grubs
  • calls for the dead to rise, spawning some risen and Orrian Fish Turrets which pull you to them, but are easy to kill
  • scream attack that causes long-duration fear

Trahearne stays on the ramparts and warns you before each of these attacks. While visually impressive, the Plaguebringer is not very dangerous, and you have so many NPC allies that it's almost impossible to lose. Focus on keeping yourself alive, removing conditions and clearing out any monsters that the dragon spawns. Try to stay away from the edges of the cliffs; if the Plaguebringer fears you over the side, you might die from falling damage, or at least have some trouble getting back up.

After the Plaguebringer is slain, talk to the different order leaders and receive the much deserved cheers from the troops. The mission is then over, and the chapter comes to a close.

[править] NPCs

[править] Allies

[править] Foes

[править] Dialogue

[править] Part 1 (In Lion's Arch)

Approaching the pier:

General Almorra Soulkeeper: So, I see Gixx stumbled out of his library, and the Preceptor crawled out of her hole!
Gixx: I see you're not letting rationality get in the way of your ignorance, Almorra. How predictable.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: Who are you calling ignorant, you twitchy little bookworm?
Halvora Snapdagger: Wonderful. I see we're off to a running start. The Order of Whispers needs allies, not infants.

Upon joining the gathering at the Claw Island pier (cinematic):

Trahearne: Enough bickering, all of you! Our real enemy lurks across the waves.
Trahearne: Zhaitan's servants march at the gates of Lion's Arch. We must band together, or we will all be destroyed.
<Character Name>: When I joined my order, I swore to fight Zhaitan. I will die for Tyria, if I must. However, I believe that together we can win.
<Character Name>: The Vigil has shown tremendous courage in the fight against the dragons. This alliance will require courage as well. Why back down now?
<Character Name>: The Order of Whispers has seen nations rise and fall. You cannot hide from this threat. You need to make a stand.
<Character Name>: And who knows more about the dragons than the Priory? Just think of how much there is to learn. Where else, but in Orr?
Gixx: By the whorls of the Eternal Alchemy, you're bold! But... you're correct. Knowledge is useless if it is not used. We shall aid you.
Halvora Snapdagger: The Order of Whispers has worked for generations to bring nations together. We can do no less now. Our blades are yours.
General Almorra Soulkeeper: The Vigil fears nothing! Not even ill-tempered, undisciplined louts like these two. We'll join, but I insist there's a decent hierarchy. Who will lead this compact?
Gixx: Logic dictates that it cannot be a member of any of our orders, lest one be seen as above the other two. Quite a conundrum!
<Character Name>: I've already considered that. Trahearne, you've never joined an order, yet they all respect you. You've studied Orr all your life. Will you lead us?
Trahearne: I... I never wanted to be a soldier. I'm only a seeker of truth. But... yes. I will lead this pact to the gates of Arah, and together, we will see Zhaitan destroyed.
Trahearne: First, to Claw Island. Let us send our defiant message straight into the heart of Orr: Tyria stands as one!

After the cinematic:

Trahearne: All my life, I've watched Orr. Studied it. Researched the abominations that Zhaitan spawns.
Trahearne: Perhaps... Perhaps I have avoided the challenge of my Wyld Hunt. I hid, always claiming I was not yet ready.
Trahearne: I did not think Orr could be cleansed. I did not fear death. I feared failure.
Trahearne: But you're right, my friend. I must lay down the pen and take up the sword.
Trahearne: In the end, it's better to fight and lose than never to fight at all.

[править] Part 2 (On Claw Island)

Talking to the NPC you helped previously:

Professor Gorr: Ugh...still seasick. At least we made it in one piece. Trahearne is waiting up on deck.
Talk quest option tango.png
It'll pass. Did you bring the Vaccumagical Polarizer?
Professor Gorr: I did. Once the battle is under way, find me and I'll give you one.
Talk end option tango.png
Thanks. Good luck.
Ben Tenstrikes: Now who's late to the party? C'mon, everyone's waiting for you up on deck.
Talk quest option tango.png
You're ready, and your mercs?
Ben Tenstrikes: My squad's already ashore. What are you waiting for?
Talk end option tango.png
Thanks. Good luck.

When approaching the strategy meeting:

Doern Velazquez: Hard to believe this is the same island. Beauty truly is the first thing to die... Ah, but I'm a romantic. Forgive me.
Wynnet Fairhaired: Romance is a waste of time, Preceptor. Keep your mind on the hunt.
Doern Velazquez: Funny ... I thought I was.
Trahearne: Ah, our company is complete. Now that we're assembled, we can begin the briefing.

At the strategy meeting (cinematic):

Warmaster Efut: Marshal Trahearne, sir! I'm Efut, liaison for the Vigil troops. The Lionguard are clearing some road, but the inner courtyard gate is blocked.
Wynnet Fairhaired: My Priory explorers brought a biomantic siege capacitor, Marshal. Our top mystics have been working on it for some time. It could be useful.
Doern Velazquez: I've heard of that device—Whispers agents stole a copy of the blueprints, but we couldn't figure out your bizarre telemetry. There's a working prototype?
Wynnet Fairhaired: Of course. Nothing's beyond the Priory's intelligence. Unfortunately, it's a portable model, so it lacks the power to blast through a fortified gate.
<Character Name>: What if we amplified this capacitor in some way?
Doern Velazquez: Clever. The signal towers use magical panels to increase brightness. If we reversed the panel's direction and adjusted the enchantment, we could amplify the beam.
Wynnet Fairhaired: It's improvised, off-the-cuff, and madcap... but you know, it just might work. Still, there are far too many undead between here and the signal tower.
Warmaster Efut: Leave that part to me. The Vigil may not understand your boo-boo-matic wheeze calculator, but we know plenty about killing undead.
Trahearne: Then we have a plan. Commander Efut, move out. Your crusaders can guide the way.

Talking to NPCs:

Trahearne: Go ahead. I'll coordinate the main body of troops. Once the gate is destroyed, meet me there and we'll enter the keep.
Talk end option tango.png
Agent Zott: I'd love to shoot some zombies in the face, but my hands are a bit full.
Talk end option tango.png
Don't worry. We've got that part handled.
Doern Velazquez: I hope the Durmand Priory and the Vigil keep up their end of the alliance. We're putting a lot of lives on the line.
Talk end option tango.png
None of us could accomplish this alone. Trust them.
Wynnet Fairhaired: Our logical probability of succeeding is improving, <character name>. Step by step, we're achieving victory—but you must be sure we do not fall short when the end is near.
Talk end option tango.png
We'll make it, Wynnet.
Warmaster Efut: This is a day that will go down in history! The cogs of the future are at last coming into position! We shall see the alchemy turn in our favor.
Talk end option tango.png
Don't get too excited. We haven't won yet.

NPCs present depending on previous story missions

Professor Gorr: I'm gaining a newfound respect for my remote teams. This is horrible—and it's not even Orr!
Talk ready option.png
I need a Vacuumagic Polarizer.
Ready yourself, Professor. This will be dangerous. (Scoundrel)
Professor Gorr: I know. I'm ready for it. I'm just...It'll be fine.
Talk end option tango.png
You'll be fine. Just breathe.
Keep your brain working, and you'll be fine. (Scoundrel)
Professor Gorr: You're kind, <character name>. Thank you. I'll try to stay safe.
Talk end option tango.png
Be brave.
Talk end option tango.png
Just breathe, Professor. Stay to the rear and keep your head down.

After the strategy meeting:

Doern Velazquez: Agent Zott, get that Priory device up to the signal tower and get it working. We need that barricade down.
Agent Zott: Is this what I think it is? How did they compress all those angles? Gah—don't stare at it. Just plug it in! I'm on my way, Preceptor.

During the escort:

Lionguard Apatia: Break down that bone gate, or this offensive is over!

While Zott configures the device:

Agent Zott: Here's the panel. I have to reverse it, resorcell the amplification, and attach the capacitor. Just keep them off me!
Agent Zott: Whoever created this tower's astral circuitry was a total moron! Oh, it was the Priory? ...Er, sorry about that.
Agent Zott: Only a few more seconds... Anyone have a some gum[sic]? Never mind...
Agent Zott: Here we go! Oh wait, That didn't do it. Let me try one last thing...
Agent Zott: Aha. Hold onto your helms! One reconstulated configurer, coming up!
Doern Velazquez: Our agents can do amazing things with no more than baling wire and chewing gum. Well done, Zott!

On the way to the gate:

NPC depending on previous missions:
Researcher Barron: The gate's kerbunked to chunks! Ferro's inside, trussin' up the turret. Let's go!
Professor Gorr: Ready Vacuumagic Polarizers! Prepare to suck!
Lionguard Apatia: I praise your courage! The docks are secure. We've pushed the Orrians inward, and Trahearne awaits you at the gate.
Lionguard Apatia: The ramparts are swarmed. We'll need to clear them of undead if we plan to utilize the siege engines.
Lionguard Apatia: The Lionguard will stand vigilant. We're weary, but we're not defeated. Good luck!

After regrouping at the fortress's gate (cinematic):

Trahearne: Well done. We've secured the docks!
Warmaster Efut: What about the courtyard, Marshal? That big dragon-thing will be on us the minute we charge in there.
Trahearne: We need to retake the ramparts and deploy siege weapons. Then we can cover the sky while we clear the courtyard.
Wynnet Fairhaired: I can help there. Priory alchemists have crafted special ammunition to weaken champions like that one. We can force that monster to the ground.
Warmaster Efut: Once you get it down, we'll get it dead. Put your trust in Vigil steel.

After the cinematic:

Trahearne: I'll coordinate and command from here. Go with Wynnet and retake the siege points. The Plaguebringer must be brought down!

At the northern rampart:

If with Barron and Fero
Researcher Barron: Oi! Fero! Up, yeah? No time for snoozeifyieng. Turret can't run without ya!
Researcher Fero: Kick the tires and light the fires! The weapon's go!
Priory Engineer: I can get this working in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

At the eastern parapet:

Priory Engineer: Done! I'll load up the alchemical ammo!

After all siege points are secured:

Wynnet Fairhaired: We've taken control of the siege points. Now we must join the fray. Forward!
Priory Engineer: Now that's more like it! Tell Trahearne we're ready to fight that dragon champion!
Trahearne: Clear the courtyard! Push back the Risen horde!

Before Blightghast appears:

Trahearne: Prepare yourselves, troops! Wait for the dragon to come around, then make a coordinated strike. On my order...wait for it...
Trahearne: Fire!

During the fight with the Plaguebringer:

Trahearne: Watch out! It's dropped poison! Stay away from it!
Trahearne: Stay out of its reach! It's calling for the dead to rise!
Trahearne: There are grubs falling from its wings. Don't let them surround you!
Trahearne: Watch out for the Plaguebringer's poisonous breath!
Wynnet Fairhaired: That gigantic chicken's got the brainpower of a dead fish! Bring it down!
Warmaster Efut: Here, we draw a line! Here, and no further, Zhaitan! Your servants will never claim Lion's Arch!
Doern Velazquez: Fight! For your lives, for your families! For Tyria!

After defeating the Plaguebringer:

Trahearne: We did it. We recaptured Claw Island—and in so doing, saved Lion's Arch as well.
Trahearne: I don't know what lies ahead of us, my friend, but for the first time—I have hope.
Trahearne: Hope that this alliance can save Tyria from the dragons. Hope for the future.
Trahearne: Hope...for Orr.

At the different groups of NPCs:

Vigil Crusader: You Whispers agents are pretty handy with a blade. I'm impressed.
Whispers Agent: I think you could still teach me a few things, crusader.
Whispers Agent: We did it! We defeated the Plaguebringer!
Whispers Agent: Yeah...but what now? Are we really going to make an alliance?
Prior Explorer: What was that technique you used back there?
Whispers Agent: There's a soft spot under the ribcage. You didn't know?
Prior Explorer: I do now. Well done!
Prior Historian: You realize this "pact" only has a one in three thousand seven hundred and twenty chance of succeeding?
Prior Explorer: If that "one" is Trahearne, I'll take those odds.
Vigil Crusader: Well done, crusaders! Bravely fought!
Vigil Crusader: Victory, for now. But will it last? Those other Orders...can we trust them?
Vigil Crusader: Are you all right, scholar? Are you injured?
Priory Scholar: I'm fine. Thanks to your bravery, that thing didn't touch me at all.

Talking to your Order's representative:

Doern Velazquez: The Master will be proud, Lightbringer. You've truly earned that title today. Tybalt would be proud of you.
Talk quest option tango.png
This is only the beginning.
Warmaster Efut: ?
Talk quest option tango.png
Wynnet Fairhaired: A brave beginning! The Priory's engineers did a fine job with the trebuchets, don't you think? Without you, none of this would have been possible. Sieran would be very proud.
Talk quest option tango.png
This will be a difficult road, but we can do it. Together.

Talking to the other Order representatives:

Doern Velazquez: The Order of Whispers never thought to see the day that one of the greatest champions of Zhaitan would fall. You did this, <Character Name>.
Talk quest option tango.png
Together, we will do more.
Warmaster Efut: You may not be Vigil, but you're[sic] certainly proved your ability on the field. I never would have thought to see the day!
Talk quest option tango.png
If we can destroy the Plaguebringer, we can destroy Zhaitan.
Wynnet Fairhaired: Without your spirit to guide us—and Trahearne's strategy—we would have surely failed. I look forward to more splendid victories. And discoveries!
Talk quest option tango.png
It's been a pleasure.

Cinematic upon speaking with Trahearne after defeating Blightghast

<Character Name>: This is a momentous day. The tide of history has changed, Trahearne.
Trahearne: Indeed. Many people doubted. Even the orders weren't truly certain it could be done.
Trahearne: Never before has Tyria been so united. Let Orr hear the echo of this battle! We can defeat the dragons. We will!
<Character Name>: Zhaitan waits at the center of Orr, surrounded by a nation of undead. The battle to destroy the dragon will not be easy—but it can be won.
Trahearne: There is a ruined fortress at the edge of Orr, south of the Shattercleft Hills. From that high cliff you can see the spires of Orr rising beyond the Straits of Devastation.
Trahearne: We will take this fort and make it our own. The Pact will rebuild it. We will place our banners, and from there we will strike at the dragon's heart.
Trahearne: I will make plans with the leaders of the orders and gather troops at that location. You deserve some well-earned rest, my friend.
Trahearne: Join me when you are ready, and together, we will find a way to slay Zhaitan.

Trahearne, after the ending cinematic:

We should confer before you leave, <character name>. Do you have any questions?
Talk quest option tango.png
This new Pact—how will it function?
I spoke briefly with the leaders of each Order, and they agreed that each would designate an individual leader for their troops in Orr, all reporting to me.
Talk more option tango.png
Do we know who those leaders will be?
For the order of Whispers, Doern Velaquez. For the Durmand Priory, Wynnet Fairhaired. Warmaster Efut will organize the Vigil troops.
Talk more option tango.png
Should I report to <order representative>, since I'm a member of the <character's order>?
No. Your place is at my side as second in command of the Pact. I need you to help me keep all three of the orders unified.
Talk more option tango.png
I'm honored. What else should I know?
I know a ruined fort on the coast of Orr. It will take work to make it defensible, but from there we can strike directly at the heart of Zhaitan's forces.
Talk more option tango.png
It needs a name that will inspire those stationed there. Any ideas?
I've been so busy preparing for Claw Island...I haven't given it much thought. Do you have a suggestion?
Talk more option tango.png
We are three groups, coming together as one. How about Fort Trinity?
That's perfect. Now, I must gather our resources and organize the troops to march south, to the coast of Orr. I'll meet you there.
Talk end option tango.png
Good luck. I'll see you soon.

Talking to Trahearne again at the end:

I feel the rush of victory...but also the burden we've taken on.
Talk more option tango.png
Burden? Why are you sad, Trahearne?
We've brought them together and given them hope—but this fight was only a pale shadow of the things we'll fight in Orr.
Talk more option tango.png
We can defeat them. One by one, if we have to.
Your spirit is unflagging <character name>. I hope you're right.
Talk end option tango.png
Believe in yourself. We'll do this.
Talk end option tango.png
Relish the moment, Trahearne. You're far too serious.

[править] Notes

  • After completing the dialogue for the various Order representatives at the end of the mission, the surrounding Whisper members /bow, Vigil members /salute and Priory members /cheer.

[править] My Story


The three Orders of Tyria met on the dock in Lion's Arch, and agreed to unify their efforts in Orr beneath a new banner: the Pact. As its first mission, Trahearne is leading us back to Claw Island, where we will attempt to retake Fort Stalwart from Zhaitan's forces.

Together, the three Orders of Tyria took back Claw Island and defeated the Plaguebringer. The city of Lion's Arch is no longer in danger. With one blow, we avenged the loss of my mentor and proved that the Pact can conquer any enemy.

Моя история